A big thanks to all the members we’ve had since the site opened in 2001. Without you, there would have been no motivation to keep this site going. The whole team are a great help in keeping Chao Island going, especially the development team who have helped to build this new version of Chao Island with me!

Final Notes

Hi, it’s Mooncow. Just some notes to scribble down to express some thanks and gratitude to everyone.

Thanks to Gav, Cool Chao, S-T-H, Kamain, Muytwo33, Shadow HArd Core, Inferno, Shadow[SA2], Whizkidos, and anyone else from the Dreamcast SA2 BBS in 2001 from where the site was born. Also to my real-life friend Torro who was with me throughout Chao Island’s growth and helped me with moderating the website for a number of years.

Shining Chaos Chao was there to help out when I first released the forums in 2003, and patched me up with the Gamecube update to the game. The rest of the old Chao Island Community before I had to take down the forums in late 2004 are also dearly missed and thanked. I can’t mention everyone but I can throw out a lot of names of friends such as Uber Chaos Chao, Edash (a very talented Chao engineer), Blade Genexis, Big The Cat #4, Metal Sonic, Tails32, Ghost the Chao, ShadowLink, I want to add more (and I probably will do when I have time). I hope and wish that anyone from the forums at this time finding their way to Chao Island again– and seeing that it’s still alive– will reach out to me once again!
Fusion and I are the only remaining members of this group from a time when the Internet was a beautiful place.

The re-opening of the forums also brought about another strong Chao community, many of which have inspired and helped to update Chao Island and inject life into Chao research. digilotl (previously Crazo3077) was an active member of the Chao forums, being a great help overall– constantly researching Chao and providing content and suggestions for the site as a whole. Speeps (previously JmTsHaW) administrated Chao Island for a long period and also shared heaps of Chao and Sonic information with me. Since then, Speeps has gone on to build a healthy following of Sonic fans due to the quality of content produced. Mayo, Mel Mel, Xeno, Crash32 and many others have all played their part with discoveries and contributions which have not gone unnoticed.

This community evolved and continued to grow, with new Chao Experts emerging and knowledge of more hacking/reverse engineering tools being introduced to the Chao fan-world. In addition to faster internet and the ease of sharing information via Youtube and Twitch TV, we were also treated by Sega to remasters of the game periodically. Releases to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 over the years resulted in a consistent stream of new Chao fans to Chao Island. The greatest boost was the release of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 onto PC via Steam in late 2012. With the latest tools and technology on our side, we saw the biggest resurgence of Chao fans due to the work of DarkyBenji and his Chao World Extended mod for Sonic Adventure 2. His in-depth modding, restoring unused items and allowing the ability to skin the Chao Gardens with your own texture packs was a huge triumph. This lead to a new passion for the game, spear-headed by ChaoGardenBuster to spread the word and create a new freshness which quickly spread to YouTube and Tumblr– with wonderful blogs such as Roaxes’ Chao-Studios emerging.

Now I have one of the strongest Chao teams working on Chao Island ever! The development of this new website was a team effort. I don’t believe I know anyone that understands Dreamcast Chao systems more than Runasutaru and UltimaNumber. The Chao Island forums has helped me find the best Chao Experts on the internet, such as Mamkute, LimitCrown and Mayo (SapphireChao, who has a great following from her YouTube channel). These users have proven time and time again that their Chao knowledge is extensive and valuable. Fusion created the widely used Fusion’s Chao Editor, and the hacking scene prompted me to be introduced to industrious technical ability in the form of DarkyBenji, Exant and Justin113D. Yimoo then created Coco, Our very own Chao born here on Chao Island! Her artwork is fantastic and I’m very happy she could add her input to the website. A special mention for Roaxes who has seen the project through from the beginning, and has always allowed me to bat off ideas and get his opinions all year. A big thanks to this development team for helping me get the latest version of this site out to the public after a year of hard work in 2018!

All the Moderator’s work has been a huge help to keep the site going, and I thank all past and present Moderators for being able to spare their time to assist the site and its users. Fusion, Speeps (JmTsHaW), and Nano (FoxBoy), have all kept the site going in their periods of being Administrators while I have been unable to look after the forums myself.

Thanks to everyone that has emailed me with your suggestions and comments, and sorry to those of you that never got a reply for any reason.. =(

I would like to end with a huge thanks to Fusion who has remained active throughout the life of Chao Island, since it could be said that his contributions of time and content to the site have saved Chao Island from disappearing more than once. I feel he is as much a part of Chao Island as I am and am forever grateful for his commitment and encouragement throughout the site’s history.

It’s been tough, and I’m sorry for those of you that have had to deal with Chao Island being inactive over many periods of its life, but I don’t plan on letting Chao Island slip away any time soon. :)
– Mooncow

Coco the Mascot Chao