Chao Island Team

Chao Island has grown from a website owned and run by one person into a website with a huge community, big staff team and many different contributors, specialists and fans. Here are the current Team of users that work on the day-to-day operation of the website!


Mooncow Mooncow
The creator of Chao Island and responsible for keeping its content up to date.

Roaxes Roaxes
Forum and Discord Admin. Also runs the popular Chao-Studios Tumblr!


Erubbu Erubbu
Discord Admin and works alongside the main Admin team. Also does Wiki administraton and artwork!

Nostalgia Ninja Nostalgia Ninja
Discord Admin and works alongside the main Admin team. Also leads Wiki development alongside Erubbu.

Social Admins

In charge of the Chao Island DeviantArt group.

Roaxes Roaxes
Runs the Chao Island official Tumblr: Chao-Studios!

Mooncow Mooncow
Runs the Twitter page and Steam group.

Chao Wiki Leaders

Mooncow Mooncow
Runs the Chao Island Wiki and deals with the under-the-hood features.

Erubbu Erubbu
Has contributed a lot to the Wiki and has been doing a great job getting it up to date.

Nostalgia Ninja Nostalgia Ninja
Also a big Wiki contributor and has been doing a great job alongside Erubbu.

Chao Expert Team

LimitCrown LimitCrown
Hugely talented Chao Expert with heaps of knowledge.

Mayo Mayo
Also known as the popular SapphireChao with a great YouTube Channel!

Chao Professor Chao Professor
A long time member of Chao Island and very experienced with vanilla Chao raising, and also merchandise!

Chao Research Team

Speeps Speeps
A previous Chao Island admin now known for digging through the Sonic games and discovering trivia and hidden content.

UltimaNumber UltimaNumber
Comfortable across all versions, including Dreamcast Chao raising, and has uncovered many important discoveries about Chao.

DarkyBenji DarkyBenji
The creator of Chao World Extended and responsible for a huge resurgence of the game and Chao community.

Exant Exant
A talented reverse engineer and has uncovered many previously unknown features of the Chao System. Now develops Chao World Extended.

Mindacos Mindacos
Along with helping with Chao Research, Mindacos was respponsible for hosting many Chao Race Tournaments and you may see more events coming from him in the future.

Krzys2 Krzys2
An amazing engineer; Krzys has created some amazing tools for the PC Chao World avaliable here on Chao Island. Be sure to check them out!

SSF1991 SSF1991
Well known for his contributions to the Sonic community and has a strong love for Chao!

CI Artwork

Creates a lot of very cool custom artwork and also is in charge of the Chao Island DeviantArt group.

Yimoo Yimoo
She created the Chao Island mascot Coco the Chao! Her artwork was a big influence for Chao Island and her recognisable art-style can be seen in many places around the website.

Justin113D Justin113D
3D modelling and rendering, and creator of the 3D Chao Viewer. Provided Chao Island with the high quality images across the website.

Momoka Momoka
Various Coco the Chao artwork dotted around the website were drawn by Momoka!

ASleepymystery ASleepymystery
Responsible for the Coco emoji’s and other various art pieces for the website, including the social area logos!

superchaomusou superchaomusou
Responsible for the Coco emoji’s and other website artwork!

AWildDaydreamer AWildDaydreamer
Helped with icons for Krzys Chao Editor and other artwork!

Coco the Mascot Chao