Downloads and PC Modifications

Welcome to the Chao Island Downloads section. This is your ultimate source for all Chao Garden modifications, editors and add-ons. If you have something you would like to share with the community- endorsed by Chao Island, please let us know!

There are a lot of talented people out there who have been finding ways to edit and modify the game to not only change features, but also add brand new things, re-model areas, change the game system and even fix bugs! These modifications - known to the gaming community as ‘mods’ - can enhance and change your game experience hugely!

Each download/mod has it’s own section with full details and instructions. You can also contact the author directly or post about it on the Chao Island forums.

If you are new to adding mods or would like an overview on how to get started, we have a page for that too!

Chao World ExtendedFusion's Chao Editor

VMU Chao Editor 2VMU Chao Editor 2

Coco the Mascot Chao