The information for the VMU Chao Editor 2 is directly copied from Tyro’s Official Page with his permission!

VMU Chao Editor 2

This is my Inofficial VMU Chao Editor for Sonic Adventure 2. I sure hope you all find it useful; I did my best to cover all aspects of the new Chao. :)

Important note: please read this page completely before e-mailing me questions how to use the editor (especially the Questions & Answers part).

An Advice Before You Start:

Never insert a second VMU while entering the Chao Garden. Every time this is done, the controller port will be re-set, resulting in a small period of time where no data can be received, so the game will assume that the Chao Garden file is damaged and replace it with a completely new one. You will loose all your Chao, all your race scores, and everything else that was stored there. ALWAYS wait until you are absolutely sure that the loading process has been finished.

VMU Chao Editor 2

Coco the Mascot Chao