Version History

Current version is v1.5

December 31, 2001changed highest allowed value for Body Mod Change Rate back to 15 (since many users requested it), made some final additions, and added new info to this here editor page (e.g. how to make Chao that evolve into their Light Chaos form, and how to upload modified Chao to the Daycare). For more info, please check my Questions & Answers section. ;)
August 23, 2001added option ANNOYANCE(that controls the Chao’s manners) and fixed an error in the Body Mod Change Rate and Hero/Dark Mod (which both could be set too high in previous versions).
September 02, 2001corrected Chao Body Mod settings (previous versions used incorrect values, with the result that only 63 and 64 showed any effect on the Chao).
August 19, 2001added option REBIRTHSthat lets you set the number of rebirths the Chao has been through. Also corrected the LIFE COUNToption (since it’s being re-set after each rebirth, a maximum of 250 realtime hours simply was unrealistic).
August 17, 2001added ability SHAKE DANCE, which was missing innprevious releases.
August 15, 2001corrected some errors in the Flash Write Routine.
August 12, 2001initial release

VMU Chao Editor 2

Coco the Mascot Chao