Introduction to PC Mods

So you want to mod your versions of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure DX. What does that even mean? ‘Modding the game’ is short for modifying the game - ie, adding user-made modifications to alter the game.

We have a collection of mods for the Steam versions of the Sonic Adventure games, and this page will help you understand how to install and apply them.

Firstly, to understand how to add modifications (mods) to your game, we need to talk about Mod Loaders.

Mod Loaders

When Sonic Adventure DX came out on PC in 2004, PC modders everywhere rubbed their hands in delight at the chance to break apart the game and modify it to their will. A developer named MainMemory developed a ‘Mod Loader’ which allowed you to list all your mods you have collected for the game and choose which ones to activate and deactivate. This tool is essential for the easy activation of your installed mods.

Sonic Adventure DX: 2004 (PC CD)

MainMemory created a Mod Loader for the US version of SADX 2004. If you do not have the US version, you can obtain it here. Once you have patched your game to think it is the US version, you can now use his modloader. TODO add more info

There are many mods developed for this, with the most common ones being mods that fix a lot of bugs broken in the converstion by SEGA, and also restorations to higher quality audio and textures. PkR has made a great webpage detailing the differences between SADX and Dreamcast SA1, and also a page with a list of mods that help to improve the PC version of the game.

Sonic Adventure DX: 2011 (Steam)

The game was re-released on Steam in 2011, but this version of the game was horribly ported by Sega creating issues with resolution, audio, and has much higher system requirements. This new version of the game also meant that the mods and tools for the SADX 2004 version would need reworking. There was an extensive modding scene for the SADX 2004 port, and the developers didn’t feel it was worth it to rework all the tools and the mod loader to work with the new, lower quality version of the game.

The good news is that PkR developed an installer that can convert the Steam version of SADX into a fully functional 2004 port with mod support! This is a setup program that installs the latest version of SADX Mod Loader and its dependencies, as well as Dreamcast Conversion and several other mods, which are sorted and configured automatically.

Sonic Adventure 2: 2012 (Steam)

Like the SADX Mod Loader, MainMemory also developed a Mod Loader for Sonic Adventure 2. There is only one version of Sonic Adventure 2 available on PC (on Steam), so there is nothing too complicated here.


All the reccomended Chao specific mods are listed on this website - check the navigation to browse through!

Useful Mods/Editors

Chao Editing

A well known and popular propgram was born on Chao Island, a Chao Editor created by Fusion. Fusion’s Chao Editor is a standalone program that allows you to edit all features of your Chao and also has a handy import/export feature! This program is also used for the Chao Island Chao Daycare which is a Chao transfer system currently in use on the Chao Island Discord channel.

Sonic Adventure DX

There are a collection of mods compiled into one installer known as “BetterSADX” - however PkR’s SADX Mod Installer has more features and works on all versions of SADX. I reccommend installing PkR’s Mod Installer instead of BetterSADX since BetterSADX comes with outdated mods and doen’t auto-update. See the link below for more information and which mods are included, most by PkR and SonicFreak94.

Note that most of these mods collated by PkR are not Chao related, but are still useful for the game in general.

Sonic Adventure 2

The most popular mod for Sonic Adventure 2 for the Chao community is the mod pack by DarkyBenji called Chao World Extended. This mods adds a lot more functionality and features to the Chao System, extending the Chao World into a bigger and fuller game. DarkyBenji is a member of the Chao Island team and updates the mod here on this website.

There are more mods such as converting the PC Chao Gardens to the orginal Dreamcast Chao Gardens by Exant, and there is more in development! All our mods and downloads can be seen in more depth and downloaded using the navigation menu.


For more information, help or contributions be sure to check out our #chao-research-modding channel in our Discord and also our Chao Hacking/Editing forum!

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