Chao World Extended

Chao World Extended is a mod for the PC version of Sonic Adventure 2 that adds various features and difficulty levels of your choice, to provide a bigger and more in-depth Chao World experience!

This mod features an optional day/night cycle, brings back unused content and adds over 100 new chao colors and combinations to try out. This includes the possibility to get Jewel Chao, Moon Chao, Pearl Chao other special Chao (such as a mixed-colour Chao!) without the use of Fusion’s Chao Editor. The latest version of this mod will always be available for download here at Chao Island.

Version 8 is the latest version of this mod, and will be available Sepetember 6th 2019

Chao World Extended Logo

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao