Day / Night Cycle Mod


This will not work correctly if DC Chao Gardens Mod is enabled! Only enable one or the other.

Mod Name: DayNightCycle

With this mod you can set Chao World to day, night or evening! This mod will add the following codes:

  • Chao World time & weather cycle change
    Enabling this code will add a day/night System to your Chao World. Your garden will move from day, to evening, then night and back to day. Weather is also added into the code and Chao act differently depending on the time/weather. Neutral Chao and Hero Chao sleep at night. Dark Chao sleep in the daytime. (This is optional and can be turned off).

  • Set a static garden time / weather
    This code is just like setting a garden texture, and the Chao will not act differently (eg, Neutral Chao and Hero Chao won’t sleep at night).

Chao Garden

Hero Garden

Dark Garden

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao