Main Package

Chao World Extended is a collection of mods for use with Sonic Adventure 2 for PC. They are loaded into the game via a program called SA2 ModLoader (included in the download).

Alongside these mods, included are codes that can change various functions.
Mods edit the garden texture, and the style of the game you choose. Codes exist to edit the Chao World system itself.



  • Chao World Extended
  • HD Textures
  • Dreamcast Skin
  • No “Battle” Plugin [by Mainmemory]
  • Alternative Chao Mouth
  • Dreamcast Cocoon
  • 2 Players in Chao Garden
  • Day / Night Cycle
  • Choose Medals
  • New Challenge Chao Races

  • Lobby Pack

  • Garden Pack

  • Beginner Race Secret Challenger [by ChaoGardenBuster]

  • Buster Race [by ChaoGardenbuster]

  • DareDevils Race Final Release by [ChaoGardenBuster]

  • Character Chao Race by [ChaoGardenBuster]

Chao World Extended Mod

This is the main mod, enable this or your game will crash!

This mod adds objects to your garden, allows chao to climb walls, adds new chao sounds, and adds animals & chao boxes in 2P Battle Mode. It also fixes the Hero Chao texture glitch (run and power).

  • Adds more text in the Heath Center from the Doctor Chao (English Only).
  • Adds more radio music in the Dark Garden.
  • Adds more TV Channels.
  • Adds Piano and Organ Music.



HD Texture Mod

Do you want Chao with better texture quality?

CWE HD Textures #1 CWE HD Textures #2 CWE HD Textures #3

CWE HD Textures #4

Dreamcast Skin Mod

Thiss will replace textures with ones from SA2 Dreamcast version. The garden will not change to the Dramcast version, but you can use Exant’s DC Chao Garden mod for that!

Warning : THis mod will disable any other Chao texture mods such as the HD Texture mod above.

CWE DC Textures #1 CWE DC Textures #2 CWE DC Textures #3

No “Battle” Mod

by Mainmemory
This will remove the introduction screen from the game. It’s mostly useful to prevent the game from crashing at the into screen which happens for some people. Note that the mod name is only referring to changing the intro screen, and has nothing to do with changing the ‘Battle’ features of the game (versus mode and chao karate).

Alternative Chao Mouth Mod

Replaces some chao mouths with unused chao mouths.

CWE Chao Mouth #1 CWE Chao Mouth #2 CWE Chao Mouth #3

Dreamcast Cocoon Mod

All the cocoons will be white, just like the Dreamcast version. CWE Dreamcast cocoon

2 Players in Chao Garden Mod

With this mod you can go to Chao World with two players! There are two ways to get to Chao World in 2P: - Get the Chao Key during a battle - Select the Chao Garden level Press Shift or Ctrl to switch between splitscreen vertical or horizontal

CWE 2P Mode #1 CWE 2P Mode #2

Day / Night Cycle Mod

With this mod you can set Chao World to day, night or evening! This mod will add the following codes:

  • Chao World time & weather cycle change
    Enabling this code will add a day / night System in your Chao World, so your garden will swim from day, to evening, then night and back to day. Weather is also added into the code and Chao act differently depending on the time/weather. Neutral Chao and Hero Chao sleep at night. Dark Chao sleep in the daytime. (This is optional and can be turned off).

  • Set a static garden time / weather This code is just like setting a garden texture, and the Chao will not act differently (eg, Neutral Chao and Hero Chao won’t sleep at night).

Choose Medals Mod

Pick up the Chao you want to change the medal for, and use the F(Number) keys to set the medal you want. Some medals will not work if your Chao does not have said medal unlocked.

  • F1 = Challenge Medal
  • F2 = Beginner Medal
  • F3 = Hero Medal
  • F4 = Dark Medal
  • F5 = Aquamarine Medal
  • F6 = Topaz Medal
  • F7 = Peridot Medal
  • F8 = Garnet Medal
  • F9 = Onyx Medal
  • F10 = Diamond Medal

CWE Medal list

New Challenge Chao Races Mod

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao