Lobby Texture Packs

Lobby Pack is an additional pack with all the custom chao lobbies I made/found, you can download it here

  • *Lobby Pack - Aqua Lobby by darkybenji
  • Lobby Pack - Blue Lobby by darkybenji
  • *Lobby Pack - Cartoon Lobby by darkybenji
  • *Lobby Pack - Day Lobby by darkybenji
  • *Lobby Pack - Gallery Lobby by darkybenji
  • Lobby Pack - Halloween by chaogardenbuster
  • *Lobby Pack - Laboratory Lobby by darkybenji
  • *Lobby Pack - Starlight Lobby by darkybenji
  • *Lobby Pack - Temple Lobby by darkybenji

the lobby with a * are the lobby that have code on it - Use [name]Lobby Save/chao skin permanent : this code will load a special save for the lobby with his chao skin on it everytime you enter chao world - Hold Y to Use [name]Lobby Save/chao skin : this code will load a special save for the lobby with his chao skin on it if you hold Y before enter chao world (like L/R for alt character)

for people that already create save for those lobby for New chao World user (only in v6.8) : let’s take a example for day lobby 1) go to mods\ChaoWorldExtended.Save2 - Day Lobby\gd_PC\SAVEDATA 2a) pick the SONIC2BALF and rename to SONIC2BDAY 3) put it in Sonic Adventure 2\resource\gd_PC\SAVEDATA
4) done !

2b) for people that use other/different lobby here’s the list of what you should name the save Day lobby : SONIC2BDAY Starlight Lobby : SONIC2B_STAR Temple Lobby : SONIC2BTPL Cartoon Lobby : SONIC2B_TOON Aqua lobby : SONIC2B_AQUA Laboratory lobby : SONIC2BLAB Gallery Lobby : SONIC2BGAL then follow step 3

for numpad user (only from old v7.0)

go to Sonic Adventure 2\resource\gd_PC\SAVEDATA and rename all the save number you created to lobby save here’s the list key 0 : SONIC2BALF key 1 : SONIC2B_1ALF to SONIC2BDAY key 2 ; SONIC2B_2ALF to SONIC2B_STAR key 3 ; SONIC2B_3ALF to SONIC2BTPL key 4 ; SONIC2B_4ALF to SONIC2B_TOON key 5 ; SONIC2B_5ALF to SONIC2B_AQUA key 6 ; SONIC2B_6ALF to SONIC2BLAB key 7 ; SONIC2B_7ALF to SONIC2B__GAL

done !

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao