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YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ORIGINAL CHALLENGE RACE BEFORE DOING THIS This is a new challenge race for your chao in the chao race! Each race has a prize and a special feature, lets see how far you can go with your most powerful chao! This is made for players who want a harder chao race, the 1st race will start with the difficulty of the last race from the original challenge race. Of course, the difficulty will increase and some surprises will be waiting for you if you progress. Note: This mod will remove beginner medal and challenge medal from your chao, you can only see them in the heath center. Screenshot : Spoiler: Image Image Image Image Tips : if you’re stuck to a race or don’t know how to beat it, open the spoiler to see my tips :) Spoiler: Race 1: A normal jewel race, just remember that the jewel chao are smarter than the moon chao, but the moon chao is stronger than the jewel chao

Race 2: Has a powerful fly, but his swim is really bad, don’t give up if he’s too far, you can catch up at the end, just use your stamina while flying

Race 3: Don’t panic if your chao is last at the beginning, if your chao have run (B, to be sure to win), he can catch up easily at the middle of the race

Race 4: Because of the text limit, the title of this race is not clear enough, Press B Button as fast as you can to increase your chao’s stamina then press A to use it

Race 5: You don’t need fly and power to win. Make sure your chao’s swim, run and intelligence is strong

Race 6: The water will decrease your stamina ! focus on fly and swim and try to get out of the water as fast as you can, i recommend to boost while flying

Race 7: You just need more stamina, because in this race, your stamina will decrease faster, except in water instead

Race 8: Your rival is getting stronger as long you stay 1st, so stay behind him and boost at the end it can also boost if he gets hit, so don’t boost if he does, or you will waste your boost

Race 9 & 10 & 11 & 12: A normal race, the chao are stronger, i recommend you to boost while flying, it give a huge boost

Race 12 (again): 2 chao can boost if they get hit, so don’t boost if they do, or you will waste your boost Video: SPOILER ALERTE Spoiler: Image by chaogardenbuster

Race Pack If you want to do more custom Chao Races after the Newer Challenge Race, you can download it here Spoiler: Thanks to chaogardenbuster for his race mod information ChaoGardenBuster wrote:

Beginner Race Secret Challenger by chaogardenbuster

Here, we have a two-tone white chao named Norcach, much like a two-tone black chao we all know as Chacron. Chacron’s face is always all bored and lazy like not too excited about the race. However, Norcach’s face is all pumped up and excited about the race. Yes, he is meant to be the exact opposite. Norcach decides to show up at the 3rd level of any beginner race to make it a bit more challenging. If you ever felt beginner race was boring, he is here to surprise you.

Buster Race by chaogardenbuster

Buster Race loads at the 5th level of any jewel race where you get to vs my own chao! It’s a bit outdated now and I may update it to v2.1 (2.1 because v2 was an april fools joke) but these chao are really powerful and may be even stronger in the future so watch out!

DareDevils Race Final Release by chaogardenbuster

DareDevils Race is for the Hero Race/Dark Race to make the Chao Race more challenging. If you’ve already beaten New Challenge Race you might want to try DareDevils Race as a bonus. After completing each race you will be granted with a certain amount of rings every time you beat it. It has a total of 8 races for you to beat.

Character Chao Race by chaogardenbuster

This is a race of all character chao! It activates at the 5th level of any jewel race. Unlike Buster Race, some character chao may have advantages in some stats over others. For example, the Sonic Chao may be very good in his run stat but very bad when it comes to his swim stat. Selecting Peridot may be the Sonic Chao’s biggest highlight but selecting Aquamarine may be the Sonic Chao’s worse race.

Chao World Extended

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