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Chao World Extended is a giant mod pack for the Steam version of Sonic Adventure 2 that adds a huge variety of features, while also re-adding features removed from the gardens across all versions - some never seen before such as the Chao Organ and unused animations! This results in a much expanded, content-filled Chao World!

Noteworthy mods include: Mixing colours which add hundreds of new Chao colours and combinations for breeding, in-game ways of getting Character Chao and Jewel Chao such as the Tails Chao and Moon Chao amongst others, the ability to use the original gardens from the Dreamcast version, an optional day/night cycle, and much much more!

Version 9.4.1 is the latest version of this mod, and you can get this from the download page.

See more screenshots on the Screenshots page!

These are 10 mods incuded with the zip file, each with various codes you can toggle on and off. For the full list and details about each one, please read the dedicated Chao World Extended Wiki page which is updated with the latest information!

List of additions and features you can enable from Chao World Extended:

Chao Appearance

  • Fix for a glitch where textures are displayed incorrectly on some Hero Chao [Base mod]
  • New Chao colours [Base mod]
  • Gamecube style Shiny Jewel Chao for Transparent/Invisible Chao breeding
  • Animal parts and ability to breed for Chaos and Character Chao
  • Chaos Chao eyes for regular Chao via reincarnation
  • Unique Shiny Jewel Monotone texture
  • Colour mixing
  • Differing shades of base colours for newborns
  • Eye colours
  • Disable animal parts
  • Increased Chao faces
  • Disable forced mean eyes on Dark Chao
  • DC style wings
  • Opposite Chao skins
  • Chao personality influence faces
  • Bright and shiny two-tone Chao coexistence
  • HD textures [Full Mod]
  • Choose Chao medal [Full Mod]
  • Negative and alternate colour palette Chao
  • New accessories including a full body coat (clothes)

Chao Behaviour

  • Dynamic aging
  • Race medals can allow specific Jewel Chao to be hatched
  • Colours based on stat types
  • Monster Evolution
  • Force reincarnation
  • Bully Chao
  • Drowning Chao
  • Chao hunger functions
  • Chao attention functions
  • Actions cause Chao sickness
  • Disable hating characters
  • Enable always Baby Chao mode
  • Increased Chao animations and actions
  • Increased Chao face expressions
  • Chao relations, talking, friendships and social actions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Chao Cocoon reactions
  • New Dances

Chao World

  • Different fruit values [Base mod]
  • Obtainable Character Chao [Base mod]
  • Chao Piano and Organ in Chao Gardens [Base mod]
  • More radio and TV channels [Base mod]
  • New custom items, Lens Box, Shiny Fruit, Hyper Fruit [Base mod]
  • New Chao grade, X Grade [Base mod]
  • Increase Chao grade with rings [Base mod]
  • Obtain SADX animals [Base mod]
  • Spoiling fruit
  • Disable fruit despawn
  • Auto generate stats
  • More effective Chao Drives
  • Easier reincarnation requirements
  • Total Chao counter
  • Chao Karate medals
  • Chance of newborn Chao gaining accessories
  • Hero/Dark Garden act as one garden
  • Increase Chao garden limit
  • Disable level limit
  • Disable character alignment
  • Win Jewel Chao in Jewel Races
  • Increased information from Chao Doctor
  • Increased Chao sounds
  • Dreamcast Chao Gardens [Full Mod]
  • White cocoons (Dreamcast style) [Full Mod]
  • Disable level-up jingle [Full Mod]
  • 2 player Chao Garden [Full Mod]
  • Day/night cycle with weather [Full Mod]
  • Buildable Omochao and Wrench toy
  • New Bug Animals
  • Additional Chao info at doctor (DNA, lifespan, birthday)
  • Name bubbles
  • X+Y shortcut menu
  • Transporter updates (Move Menu, Customization Menu, and Nickname Menu)
  • Reusable Animals
  • Egg Chao

Game Function

  • Allowing spin dash and somersaults in gardens
  • Functions for camera view and menus
  • Anti Chao-editing mode
  • 8P Party Race
  • More Chao Race camera functions
  • Multi Save file
  • Old Black Market code has been removed and replaced by the “debug menu”

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao