Mod Name: !ChaoWorldExtended

The Main Package of CWE comes with a variety of codes. The Codes are split into a variety of groups, which are all listed below. You can enable any features you like and keep any you don’t want disabled. You can customise the mod features however you like!

  • Advanced
  • Hard
  • Hard+
  • Easy
  • Easy-
  • Bonus
  • Controller Only
  • Keyboard Only
  • Keyboard with Numpad
  • Keyboard without Numpad
  • Cheat
  • Anti Cheat
  • Other
  • Race
  • Save
  • Detail


Advanced Codes edit the system and unlock Chao you cannot obtain through normal means.


ATTENTION: After you enable this, there’s no way to go back except backing up your save files or using a Chao Editor… Think about what you’re doing before you enable one of them!

  • Easy GC Shiny Jewels
    > This code changes the appearance of Shiny Jewel Chao to the Gamecube version! This means you can have transparent Chao and invisible Chao when you brain Shiny Coloured Chao + Jewel Chao - see this page for more details.

  • Chaos and Characters Chao are like Normal Chao
    > With this code, your Chaos Chao and Character Chao (Tails, Knuckles & Amy) can gain animal parts and mate with other Chao, while still being immortal!

  • Chaos Chao Keep Eyes Upon Reincarnation
    > This code keeps your Chao with its Chaos Chao eyes when you reincarnate it using the Chao Pacifier code.

  • Dynamic Lifetime
    > This code edits Chao lifetime depending on how many Chao is in the garden at once. If you have less than 8 Chao in the garden, the Chao will grow and evolve FASTER. If you have more than 8 in the garden, the Chao will grow and evolve SLOWER.

  • Medal Chao can make Jewel Chao
    > For example: When your Chao is wearing a jewel medal like topaz, it could make a Topaz Chao which breeding! (Works 50% of the time.)
    Hero medal: Chance to make a Gold Chao
    Dark medal: Chance to make a Silver Chao
    Aqua or Sapphire medal: Chance to make an Aqua Jewel Chao or Sapphire Jewel Chao
    Topaz Medal: Chance to make a Topaz Chao
    Peridot or Emerald medal: Chance to make a Peridot Jewel Chao or an Emerald Jewel Chao
    Garnet or Ruby medal: Chance to make a Garnet Jewel Chao or Ruby Jewel Chao
    Onyx or Amethyst medal: Chance to make an Onyx Jewel Chao or Amethyst Jewel Chao
    Pearl medal: Chance to make a Pearl Chao
    Diamond Medal: Chance to make ANY Jewel Chao, even a Texture Chao!

    > There are over 100 different Texture Chao. You can see the full list on the Chao Wiki!
    > There was an Easter Egg in the previous CWE versions to obtain an Omochao or Full-Egg Chao! We can reveal how to obtain these Chao now: For Omochao, give a Robot Texture Chao a beanie hat! (Blue/white Robot Texture needs the red beanie hat, and the yellow/orange Robot Texture Chao requires the blue beanie hat)
    For a Full-Egg Chao; obtain a Chao Egg Texture Chao, and give it an Eggshell Hat!

  • Create NEW Shiny Jewel Monotone
    > When this code is on, all newborn Chao that are Shiny Jewel Monotone will have a unique look that is basically a mix of Texture/Jewel Chao with Shiny color on it!

  • Mixing Colors
    > With this code you can mix different Chao colors together and breed entirely new special mixes of color which makes an amazing variety of all new Chao! For a full list of these colours, please see the information by Mindacos on the Chao Wiki

  • Newborn Chao Have Varying Shades of Color
    > If this code is on, buying multiple Chao of the same color from the Black Market can give you different results: for example, you may buy 2 pink eggs and each one hatches with a different shade of pink, making them unique!

  • Normal Chao can make Color Chao
    > The Regular Chao colours becomes the colour of their evolution. For example, a Swim Chao would be a Yellow Chao, a Run Chao would be Green, etc. This means they can make baby Chao with that colour.

  • Eye Colors for Newborn Chao
    > Lenses are not the only way to get Chao with custom eye colors! With this code on, your newborn Chao have a chance to be born with different eye colors! Note that this only applies to eye color: you cannot get alignment eyes or special eyes this way

  • Enable Monster Evolution
    > When one of your Chao’s stats reaches 2000 (even more if 3000!), you can help the Chao increase it’s advanced Evolution even further than it’s supposed to through normal means. Please note that Chao with the “Regular” colour will become TRANSPARENT when they start to go beyond! The exception to this is if the Stamina stat is taken beyond - this doesn’t make the “Regular” colour transparent.

  • Use Pacifier to Force Reincarnation
    > Giving a pacifier will reincarnate your Chao back to being a baby, but divide your Chao stats by 20 instead of 10. it also downgrade your Chao rank by 2 depending his Evolution (if the Chao is Swim Type, his Swim Rank will go down by 2)
    However, depending how strong the rank is, it will increase the grade of intel and luck, the higher is your Chao rank, the bigger it increase intelligence/luck’s Grade

  • Fruit can Spoilt
    > Fruits will now Spoil sometimes before they disappear, they have different color than the original, giving a spoil fruit to your Chao not only decrease there stamina (can’t level down though), but also decrease there magnitude


Darky says these codes are dangerous! It’s recommended you do not enable these codes if you don’t want to risk having your Chao die if you just leave the game on casually. For those of you who raise Chao seriously, this could be a little challenge for you. Beware of your Chao!

  • Bully Chao (Requires More Chao Animations)
    > This code will allow Chao attack OTHER Chao if they are angry. If the Chao gets hit by another Chao, it will lose happiness, so pay attention! Luckily, this code will also make happy Chao defending other Chao, if an angry Chao decides to attack, there is a chance that a another Chao will stop it! (You must have the more animation code enabled for this code to work properly).

  • Chao can Drown
    > If your Chao doesn’t know how to swim and goes in the water, it will start losing happiness very slowly, BUT if its happiness reaches 0, the Chao will… drown, and a grey cocoon will appear identifying that your Chao is on the verge of death by the time the cocoon is gone.

  • Enable SpinDash and Somersault
    > The title says it all- like SADX, you can use the Spin Dash or Somersault. You can do cool tricks in the garden but be careful that you don’t hit your Chao by accident!


  • Chao Hunger
    > When your Chao is hungry, it will cry and lose happiness faster. However, it makes the Garden fruit give more Stamina than usual!

  • Chao Attention
    > If you don’t pay attention to your Chao or pet it often, it will start to lose happiness. However, they evolve faster.

  • More Chao Sickness
    > This code makes your Chao sick when you’re doing something wrong,. Notice that when a Chao is sick, no matter what the happiness value is, it will be a gray cocoon when it’s time has come (the cocoon of death). However, Your Chao will only need 80exp instead of 100 to level up when he’s sick!


If you want play Chao Garden peacefully and at ease without danger or something annoying you, these are the codes for you.

  • Fruits Never Despawn
    > The will fruits never disappear. For example, you can buy two heart fruits and use it later without it disappearing.

  • Chao can’t hate Characters
    > Once again, the name says it all, Chao can’t hate you even if you abuse them, but that doesn’t mean they will always love you necessarily, you will be just neutral unless you take good care of them.


  • Auto Generate Stats
    > The stats will now increase very slowly until level 10. Note: This is not a good way to get a Perfect Chao. Link to stats page

  • Stronger Chaos Drive
    > Chaos Drives are now stronger than before and give alot of points required! However they not longer give luck

  • Reincarnation Requires 20 Happiness
    > This code was previously named “Chao Never Die”, but has been remade to have the Chao require only 20 happiness to reincarnate. Additionally, while the code is on, Chao will grow up a little more slowly


Here are some codes that can add fun to the game, or be helpful towards you!

  • Chao Counter
    > This code will count how many Chao you have in the garden, the counter is shown when you press start so it will be easy to count Chao especially if your Chao aren’t mating and you can’t figure out why.

  • Chao Karate give Medal
    > When your Chao wins all 5 rounds in Chao Karate, it will win a new medal strictly available to Chao Karate only!

  • Lucky Chao
    > There’s 160 chance that a Chao can be born with a hat, toy or lesson!

  • Always Baby Chao (Until all lvl.10) by ChaoGardenBuster
    > Baby Chao will never evolve until you disable the code or the baby reaches level 10 in all stats (or stamina reaches level 99). You could probably make a Chao live longer.

  • Merge Hero and Dark Garden Chao Slots
    > The Chao that are in hero or dark garden will move to one garden (hero or dark) depending where you are.

  • Increase Chao Limit per Garden to 16
    > You can put over 16 Chao in any garden you want at anytime without making a Chao move to another garden itself.

Controller Only

These codes work only with a controller.

  • Better Camera Control
    > Use the Right Stick to rotate the camera up and down.
    > D-Pad Up and Down to move the camera Up and Down (duuh)
    > D-Pad Left to Freeze the Camera
    > D-Pad Right to get Unzoom mode
    > Press L+R to reset the camera back to normal.

  • Use D-Pad for change Items in BlackMarket
    > Switch Black Market items with the D-Pad on your controller.

Keyboard Only

These codes work by pressing a keyboard key.

  • Use Number for change Items in BlackMarket
    > Switch Black Market item page by pressing keys 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each number are different items.

Keyboard with Numpad

  • Better Camera Control
    > Press + to get the original camera (without resetting up/down rotation) (so it’s zoom)
    > Press - Unzoom the camera
    > Press * to freeze the camera
    > Press “Page Up” to move the camera Up
    > Press “Page Down” to move the camera Down
    > Press “Home” to rotate the camera Up
    > Press “End” to rotate the camera Down
    > Press / to make the camera back to normal (reset everything)

Keyboard without Numpad

  • Better Camera Control
    > Press + to get the original camera (without resetting up/down rotation) (so it’s zoom)
    > Press - Unzoom the camera
    > Press * to freeze the camera
    > Press “R” to move the camera Up
    > Press “F” to move the camera Down
    > Press “T” to rotate the camera Up
    > Press “G” to rotate the camera Down
    > Press “backspace” to make the camera back to normal (reset everything)


The cheat codes make your Chao OP, but that will block your Chao to access to official Chao Race tournaments and some other Race Codes.

  • Disable Level Limit
    > This code removes the level 99 limit.

Anti Cheat

Your Chao is hacked and not allowed to the race? No problem, this code will save you.

  • Nerf Cheated Chao Stats
    > This code will edit the Chao stats and make them “legit” as possible if you used a cheat code (disable level limit) or edited stats with Fusion’s Chao Editor. This will be helpful for some future mods/events that ban hacked Chao.


These other codes just edit some other stuff.

  • Disable Animal Parts (Arms + legs)
    > This code automatically “removes” the animal parts on a Chao’s arms/legs.

  • Disable Animal Parts (ALL)
    > This automatically “removes” ALL animal parts.

  • SADX Chao Alignment
    > Hero and Dark characters can’t make baby Chao hero/dark Chao anymore, just like SADX the only way to make baby Chao hero or dark is by using hero or dark fruit.

  • More and Random Chao Face
    > You can get more Chao faces from hatching an egg like happy eyes with an open mouth.

  • Remove Dark Chao’s Mean Eyes Override
    > The title says it all: evolving your Chao into the Dark alignment no longer forces it to have mean eyes, allowing your Dark Chao to keep its previous eyes. It’s weird at first, but you get used to it

  • DC Wings by Exant
    Jewel/Texture and Color now infect the wings like they do in SA2DC


  • Jewel and Beginner Race become 8P Party Race
    > This code is actually made for Chao Race Tournaments. It actually requires Fusion’s Chao Editor to use it. All you have to do is select jewel race, a random Chao, and a race.
    > When the race starts you will see the first 8 slots of your Chao in the race.
    > The 8 Chao are selected here:

  • Camera switch Manually (using keyboard)
    > use the Number key to switch Chao view during the Chao race, from number 1 to 8

  • Win Jewel Chao in Jewel Race
    > Another way to get jewel Chao, a 100% chance this time!
    EG: If you win a Jewel Race lvl 5 on Garnet, you will got a chao egg with a Garnet Jewel Chao inside. If you already have a Garnet Chao in your save, or you have 24 Chao, you will not get the egg, simple.

  • Chao Gain Experience Points by racing
    > Each second of the race the Chao will gain some exp points, when your Chao finishes the race, the number of exp points he gained will level up his stats

if it passed 100exp = +1 level if it passed 200exp = +2 levels

Each race level up different stats, like Aquamarine will focus on Swim, Topaz will focus on Fly, Peridot focus on Run, Garnet Focus on power, and Onyx and Diamond focus All of course (however it will increase slower),

Stamina increases in any Race, but slower than other stats.

It checks the grade aswell, to give the number of point depending the Chao grade, and since your Chao levels up from races, it will always give the maximum values (so always +30 from S grade if your chao level up from race).

Just remember that it will only work in Beginner and Jewel Races!


The Save file codes will allow to switch save files in-game and allows you to have as many Chao Garden save files you want.

  • Multi Savefile
    > This will make the game use a different Chao save file for each main save file that is present. The game allows you to create a maximum of 10 main save files, which means you can get 10 different Chao save files in total - which is 240 Chao! That’s a lot!

  • Hold X to Load Negative Chao Save
    > This code is… kinda special, remember the old mod called “Black Chao Mode”? No? Hmm you’re new to this aren’t you?
    Well, that mod became a code. To use it, all you have to do is hold X (U for keyboard) before you enter the Chao World. The game will create a new save (SONIC2B__BLK) and will load an alternate Chao skin (neutral and hero Chao will become black, dark Chao will become white).


It’s nice to have more detail too.

  • Fitting Personality
    > The personality will be given depending the Chao face, color, and evolution. The effect of personalities is multiplied by 4, making the personalities drastically different for each Chao

  • Doctor Chao give more Information (EN)
    > This code will make the doctor say other things to your Chao instead of the generic “This Chao is very healthy, please take good care of your Chao”.
    Some of them are really helpful, for example,the doctor can say if your Chao is lucky or smart (or both)!

  • More Chao Animation
    > The Chao will use different animations/actions that you’ve never seen before! Also changes the animation speed of your Chao depending of his Personalities

  • More Face Expression
    > Added more facial expressions to Chao, and a Chao’s expression may change depending on its current action

  • More Chao Action
    > This code simply gives more action to the Chao such as:

    • Chao talk each other (this action has been updated, now some Chao wave after they’re done talking, and both have collision which means you can’t walk through them anymore!)
    • Shake trees
    • Join Chao while they play instruments
  • More Chao Sound
    > Almost all the unused sounds will be used in the game.

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao