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Chao World Extended is a collection of mods for use with Sonic Adventure 2 for Steam on PC. They are loaded into the game via a program called SA2 ModLoader.

Alongside these mods, included are Codes that can change various functions.
Mods edit the garden texture, and the style of the game you choose. Codes exist to edit the Chao and Chao World behaviour itself.

The Chao World Extended Mod is the main mod, enable this or your game will crash!

Once enabled, move this mod to the top of the list in the SA2 Mod Loader for other mods to work best with it. Please note that when you tick the box to activate it, there will be a slight lag while it registers!

Default Changes

Mod Name: !ChaoWorldExtended

These features will be enabled by default:

  • Changes to Fruit
    > Garden Fruits: 40% Stamina (50% if the hard mode Code “Hunger is Difficult” is enabled)
    > Strong Fruit: 60% Stamina
    > Tasty Fruit: still gives 30% Stamina but now also gives 60% Luck
    > Hero/Dark Fruit: 50% Stamina and still edits the alignment
    > Round/Square/Triangle Fruit: 80% Stamina
    > Smart Fruit: 30% Stamina and 320% Intelligence
    > GBA Fruits: gives double of what they gave before
    > Mushroom (green): 160% Stamina
    > Mushroom (red): 320% Stamina
    > Mint Candy: 200% to Swim, Fly, Run, and Power, but 50% to Stamina

  • New Chao Colours
    > Thanks to Mindacos, all new Chao Colours have their own unique Shiny Jewel Colours too!

  • Character Chao Obtainable
    > To get Character Chao, just do the same method you would use to get a Chaos Chao, but instead of keeping it neutral stat alignment, evolve it to a specific type to make it evolve into a Character Chao instead!
    > All SA2 animals + 2 Reincarnation + 80 Happiness + Fly = Tails Chao
    > All SA2 animals + 2 Reincarnation + 80 Happiness + Run = Amy Chao
    > All SA2 animals + 2 Reincarnation + 80 Happiness + Power = Knuckles Chao

  • New Items: Chao Garden Piano and Organ
    > Add the unused Sonic Team piano in the Hero Garden and the organ in the Dark Garden! If you don’t want these toys, you can disable them by selecting ChaoWorldExtended then click Config with SA2Modloader

  • New Items: Lens Box
    > A purchasable item from the Black Market that allows you to change the look or color of a Chao’s eyes! It requires a Skeleton dog to be used, just like hats.

  • New Items: Shiny Fruit
    > Using the Bright-fix mod made by Exant (included in CWE.dll), using the Shiny Fruit allows you to change any of your Bright Chao into a true Shiny Two-tone Chao!

  • New Items: Hyper Fruit
    > This new fruit is rare and can be only found in the Black Market without using the D-Pad code. They are powerful and can be used to upgrade a Chao’s S Grade stat to the new and powerful grade, The X Grade. You will need the correct type fruit for the stat you want to increase. There are Hyper fruits for Swim, Fly, Run and Power.

  • The X Grade
    > Unlike other grades, it is temporary, and only one stat at a time can be at a grade of X. The X-graded stat has a massively-boosted stat cap until the Chao reincarnates, after which the grade reverts to S. Note that since the stat cap is what is affected, it is wise to upgrade the S to the X Grade before the respective stat is at Lvl 99.

  • New Grade Increase Method
    > Tired of making your Chao reincarnate over and over to increase its grades? No worries - the Chao Doctor will help you boost your Chao’s grades! This requires rings, and the stat must be at Lvl 99! Your Chao’s grades can only be upgraded 3 times per life — from E to A — and the higher the grade, the more rings that are required:
    E -> D = 10 000 rings
    D -> C = 20 000 rings
    C -> B = 30 000 rings
    B -> A = 40 000 rings
    To upgrade, input the following while looking at your Chao’s stat table:
    Y + DPad Up for Swim
    Y + Dpad Down for Fly
    Y + Dpad Right for Power
    Y + Dpad Left for Run
    Y + L and R for Stamina

  • SADX Animals
    > SADX Animals are obtained differently from SA2 animals. They are somehow interested in those GBA fruits around your gardens: If you buy GBA fruits from the Black Market and leave them in the garden, a SADX animal may appear!
    NOTE: each GBA fruit gives a different kind of SADX animal

  • Put Down Chao Anywhere
    > You can put down your Chao in places you normally couldn’t! For example - the Chao Lobby or the Chao Kindergarten. This was a hidden Easter Egg of previous versions of CWE. To do this - simply press the action button twice when in an area you want to put the Chao down! Note: The Chao will not walk, they will just stay still.

  • Day / Night Cycle Mod


This will not work correctly if DC Chao Gardens Mod is enabled! Only enable one or the other.

With this mod you can set Chao World to day, night or evening! This mod will add the following codes:

  • Chao World time & weather cycle change
    Enabling this code will add a day/night System to your Chao World. Your garden will move from day, to evening, then night and back to day. Weather is also added into the code and Chao act differently depending on the time/weather. Neutral Chao and Hero Chao sleep at night. Dark Chao sleep in the daytime. (This is optional and can be turned off).

  • Set a static garden time / weather
    This code is just like setting a garden texture, and the Chao will not act differently (eg, Neutral Chao and Hero Chao won’t sleep at night).

Chao Garden

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Chao World Extended

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