Chao Race Patch

Mod Name: ChaoRacePatch

These codes are helpful if you are planning to do large Chao Races using the modded Party Race.

There are two optional codes that become available when this mod is enabled:

  • Reduce jack n’ box punishment
  • Ignore the minigame intel.

These only affect when you’re doing a Party Race with your Chao. Reduce jack n’ box reduces the amount of time a Chao stays on the ground when hit by the Jack in the Box, so they may quickly get back into the race.

Ignore minigame intel makes Chao ignore the intelligence check in some races, requiring Chao to pick the correct fruit or object before continuing. This is because some Chao would become stuck if a lot of Chao were attempting to pick up items at the same time.

Chao World Extended

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