How does the “not animal part” feature work?
Simple… When you give a small animal to your chao, you will see the animal parts on it’s arms or legs but don’t worry - just leave the garden and go back in, and they will be gone!

Stats can reach over lvl 99?! That mean we can glitch the Chao Race!
Well no, because the games stop the stats at a maximum of 4000 points. Also, you will be seen as unfair if you use it vs your friends that no not use Chao World Extended!

Will you fix the Bright Chao glitch?
This has been fixed by Exant! This mod is available on Chao Island

How do I move my Chao to other saves?
You can use Fusion’s Chao Editor! You can export and import Chao with this tool.

I use Fusion’s Chao Editor, is this mod is still useful for me?
Yes and no; Yes, because you can still add detail, textures, or have fun with special chao colors added. No, because this mod is designed to be for players who play without cheats/hacks that make everything available.

What happen if I select 2 lobby accidentally?
The game will choose one of the 2 lobby so don’t worry, you will not get error save/texture at all.

Can I use my own texture with time/weather code?
Sure, but you have to edit these files in mods\ChaoWorldExtended\DayNightCycle\gd_PC\PRS
Remember, if you use textures made by someone else, please ask their permission before doing it!

I enabled “Newer Challenge Race” but my Chao isn’t there, why?
Your chao probably has something wrong with it’s stats: You need to enable the code Anti Cheat Nerf - Cheated Chao stats to unban the Chao and allow it to participate. The Chao’s stats will not change at all - unless it’s a cheated chao, if so, it’s stats will decrease to make him a legit Chao. If you still have this problem, please be sure you’re using the lastest version.

I have errors relating to MSVCP100.dll, what should I do?
You will need to install: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).

When I launch the game, the game crashes after SEGA and SONIC TEAM, why?
You likely have a problem with SA2modloader. You should install *: Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime 64x and 86x to fix this.

I have Sonic Adventure 2 The NEW Challenger, can I use it with Chao World Extended?
Yes! Just install the mod normally and for sonic2app.exe, you have to patch it (TODO).

Tiny FAQ

I have error about MSVCP100.dll, what should I do ?? Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) and the problem should be solved.

When I launch the game I crash after SEGA and SONIC TEAM, what happen? You most likely have a problem with SA2 Mod Loader. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime 64x and 86x and the problem should be solved.

My ModLoader is so slow, why? It’s because of a lot of codes are added by Chao World Extended. I recommend you to enable the mod you want first THEN enable Chao World Extended

Chao World Extended

Coco the Mascot Chao