Chao Exporter/Importer

Chao Exporter/Importer is a tool which allows you to export your Chao into a .chao file while being able to import other .chao files. Also with this tool, you can easily backup your Chao save file by exporting/importing it into a .chaosave file. It has additional functions which may prove useful for you, such as random Chao importing if you have many Chao and can’t decide with which ones you want to play. It has also additional feature for CWE (Chao World Exteneded) like exporting Chao as a guest- this way you don’t have to go through hassle of adding the heart symbol to your Chao yourself!

This tool is fully compatible with the .chao files created with Fusion’s Chao Editor!

Don’t forget that you can leave and/or pick up Chao from the Chao Island Daycare using .chao files! We recommend using this tool over Fusion’s editor as this is fully compatible with Chao World Extended Chao.

Chao Island Daycare

Chao Exporter/Importer

Coco the Mascot Chao