How to Use

Downloading and Installing

If don’t have this tool yet, you can download this tool from the download page. The link there will take you to the Gamebanana tool page with a tool called Chao Exporter & Importer. After, scroll down until you see the Files section.

Click the download button and a .7z file will be downloaded. You will need a program to open it like winrar or 7zip. Press on the downloaded file and open it. Extract all the files to folder of your desire. In this example I will be using winrar.

Avoiding problems - Run as Administrator
To make sure that the program runs correctly I strongly advise to run it as administrator or tick the box that it would always be ran as administrator.

Export Chao Save
Before starting to edit your Chao I would strongly recommend to make a backup of your Chao data. It can be done by pressing Export Chao Save.

This way you can save your current chao save data and load it anytime you make a mistake such as importing into the wrong slot, deleting someone you did not want to, or any other mistakes you might face. If you have forgotten to make a backup Chao save, do not worry, there is still another way to reset your progress. First of all MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LEAVE THE GARDEN OR CHAO lobby. Right click your game in taskbar and select “Close window”

After that, you will be prompted that your progress will not be saved by doing that- select yes and this way your Chao World will be reset to the previous save point which was made.

Import Chao Save
If you have made the Chao save file, you can simply use Import Chao Save and select the file (.ChaoSave) to load the whole data back.

Simple Functions

To make the tool load your Chao, make sure you are in the Chao Garden lobby(SA2B) or in Chao Garden itself(SADX). While clicking on Chao slot you will be able able to export/import/export as a friend your Chao.


When clicking export, a window will appear asking where do you want to save your Chao. Select your desired location and the file will appear in that place.


When clicking import, a window will appear asking what .chao file you want to import. When you select the Chao, in that slot that specific Chao will appear. If there was a Chao in that slot already, that Chao will be completely overwritten and your chosen Chao will take it’s place.

Exporting as a friend (CWE)

This is if you have the Chao World Exteneded mod. Exporting as a friend works exactly the same as simple exporting, it simply changes last character of the name to a heart symbol. This way in CWE (Chao World Extended), you can create a Guest Chao.

Description of the Guest Chao from the CWE mod (Taken from post from Chao Island):

A Guest chao is a Chao from a friend in your Chao World, What’s the difference well here the difference:
- a guest chao can’t love you
- a guest chao can’t change form
- a guest chao can’t lvl up
- a guest chao can’t die/reincarnate
- a guest chao (if it’s a baby) can’t evolve

Advanced Functions

Export All Selected
To use the Export All Selected function you have to select at least 1 Chao slot to be exported. When you press the button, the window will appear asking you where you want to save these .chao files. When the location is chosen, with short delay, Chao will appear one by one. Empty slots, even if selected, will not be exported.

Delete All Selected
When using the Delete All Selected function, at least one slot must be chosen. When you press this button, the window will appear asking if you are sure about this decision, prompting the user that this can’t be undone (unless user has .chaosave or forces the game to shut down without saving).

By pressing yes, all selected Chao will be deleted.

Import Chao Files
To use the Import Chao Files function you have to select only one slot. If more are chosen, the button will become grey indicating that the function is not available. When you choose 1 slot and press the button, a window will appear asking what .chao files you want to choose. You can choose as many Chao you want; they will be inserted alphabetically downwards. So for example, if you choose slot 22, yet you select 5 Chao (Example: Apple, apple2, boing, boing2, cido), only 3 Chao will be inserted which are Apple, apple 2 and boing. Other Chao will not be inserted as there are not enough slots below the selected slot as the max limit of chao slots is 24.

Problem which you might face: By choosing slots, you have to make sure the below slots are empty or have unneeded chao, otherwise Chao you have selected may overwrite the existing Chao.

Import Random Chao
The Import Random Chao function becomes available when 1 or more Chao slots are picked. To make it work, you have to make sure that you have a folder called “Random Chao” in the folder where is your exe is located. After, make sure there are enough .chao files for all the slots you have selected, otherwise the Chao Principal will prompt you that there are not enough Chao in the folder. So for example, if you have chosen 10 slots, there must be at least 10 .chao files in Random Chao folder.


If Chao save import doesn’t work:
Warning: Chao save import usually only works with the game you exported it from, chaosave from sadx might not work in sa2b, sa2b can’t work with sadx, importing wrong chao save might result in chao being shown in the program, yet only 8 chao will appear in station square, other will exist in “none garden”. So make sure you don’t mix Chao saves.

Chao Exporter/Importer

Coco the Mascot Chao