Fusions Chao Editor


Fusion’s Chao Editor is fantastic for regular Chao Garden usage with no mods used! If you use mods such as Chao World Extended, take a look at Krzys’ Chao Editor which works perfectly with all mods on this site.

Welcome to the official page of Fusion’s Chao Editor, the ultimate chao editor for Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2.

This application was developed by Fusion, an administrator at the Chao Island website. It was originally developed as a modern alternative to GerbilSoft’s SADX PC Memory Editor v2.00 BETA, which has not seen any update since 2004 and is difficult to even get running due to the legacy technology that it uses.

This program has come to support a great deal of additional features, and has even been updated to work with the Steam releases of SADX and SA2B. It is the number one chao editor for any PC chao game. You can get started by checking out the features and screenshots, or just go ahead and download it now!

Fusion's Chao Editor

Coco the Mascot Chao