Introduction to PC Tools

These tools can be downloaded and used alongside your game to do various useful functions! The main tools people have used in the past were Chao Editors. But now we have managed to make new tools that can help people withthe game even if they have no desire to play around with the Chao’s data!

Chao Editing

A well known and popular program was born on Chao Island, a Chao Editor created by Fusion. Fusion’s Chao Editor is a standalone program that allows you to edit all features of your Chao and also has a handy import/export feature! This tool was a breakthrough for the Chao community as before we had Fusion’s editor, there were only a few other editors around which didn’t have many features or accuracy. Fusion also shared all his data which is shown on the PC Hacking Guide.

Because Fusion’s Chao Editor was designed for vanilla game usage, the introduction of complex mods such as Chao World Extended caused problems when used together. To the point where we do not recommend using Fusion’s Chao Editor with Chao World Extended. This allowed a new Chao Editor to be born, created by Krzys2. Krzys2 Chao Editor fully supports all mods and is fully compatiable with Chao World Extended!

Link: Chao Island: Fusion’s Chao Editor
Link: Chao Island: Krzys2 Chao Editor

Chao Import / Exporting

Fusion also created the .chao format, where his editor could export and import Chao. Krzys2 used this to make a fully standalone Chao Exporter/Importer. This program is also used for the Chao Island Daycare which is a Chao transfer system currently in use on the Chao Island Discord channel.

Link: Chao Island: Chao Exporter/Importer

Misc Tools

There are other cool tools such as the Chao Calculator which shoulds you really useful information about your Chao as you play. The Chao Randomizer is fun for making random Chao! Be sure to check these out in the navigation menu.


For more information, help or contributions be sure to check out our #chao-research-modding channel in our Discord and also our Chao Hacking/Editing forum!

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