Krzys2 Chao Editor

Krzys’s Chao Editor is a tool with which you can fully edit your Chao and some aspects of the Chao gardens. This tool was heavily inspired by Fusions’s Chao Editor. But after many years of not being updated, it started to break such mods as Chao World Extended, this created a problem for modders and mod users and new editor was in huge demand. Chao Editor by krzys2 doesn’t serve as replacement, but as alternative for people who use mods.

This tool is perfect for people who want to see hidden data of Chao, or even test their Chao to maximum capacity. Everything from Chao behaviours, to hidden data like dna and appearance is available. To add to that, this editor serves as a hub for my previous programs (Chao Calculator, Chao Randomizer, Chao Exporter/Importer), you can easily place all my tools in this editor’s folder and you will be able to launch any of them! Also, a really useful feature of the editor is the “always on top” feature implemented, and the “view only” option, which turns the editor into a read only program to see your Chao’s hidden stats without changing anything about them.

Krzys2 Chao Editor is a universal Chao Editor, which means that it will support all 3 Sonic Adventure games, which are:

  1. Sonic Adventure DX (Steam)
  2. Sonic Adventure DX 2004 (which is used for modding, see here for more information)
  3. Sonic Adventure 2 (Steam)

Chao World Extended is fully supported by this editor. When game is launched, the editor will automatically detect CWE and new options will appear.

Krzys2 Chao Editor

Coco the Mascot Chao