2020 Update!

Announcements about Chao Island.
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2020 Update!

Post by Mooncow »

Hey everyone. Some updates for you all, but I will start of by saying I hope everyone is keeping safe regarding the world outbreak of the Corona Virus. Please do your best to follow the government and medical guidance and help keep everyone safe by doing your part. My thoughts to you all and the ones close to you. :hero:

We will kick off by introducing our newest Chao Island team member, Krzys2! He has joined the Chao Research Team and also is responsible for four amazing tools for the PC.
  • Chao Exporter/Importer: A dedicated Chao Import/Export tool that works with Chao World Extended! -> LINK
  • Chao Randomizer: A tool that lets you create random Chao for your Garden! -> LINK
  • Chao Calculator: This allows you to view important stats about your Chao as you play! -> LINK
  • Chao Editor: A full Chao Editor that also works with Chao World Extended!! -> LINK (Coming very soon)
The Chao Exporter/Importer is very good as it can be used with the Chao Island Daycare!

The Chao Island Daycare allows you to upload a Chao from your Chao Garden for others to download into their own garden! You can also browse other peoples Chao and save them to your Chao Garden too! This is all done on our Discord Server. Be sure to check it out!
  • DarkyBenji and his team have just released Chao World Extended v8.2! The Downloads section is fully updated.
  • I have added Justin113D's Chao Viewer files to the Downloads area so people are able to download the viewer files themselves!
The Chao Wiki work has begun, and you should see some things being updated. Many of you have been submitting changes which is appreciated! Please get in touch if you would like to help us out more regularly.

Take care everyone. Hopefully you guys don't mind the progress on the site - it's not super speed but please appreciate that it takes time to get things completed alongside the other stuff in my life and I like to make sure everything is high quality :herocool:

Bye! :omochao:
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Re: 2020 Update!

Post by Tails Prower »

Hello. Im new to the Chao Island. What a great 2020 Update! Im new so im a bit nervous... :chaocry: . I have only 12...

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Cya, it really breaks me the soul see a chao crying .
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