Mid 2020 update

Announcements about Chao Island.
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Mid 2020 update

Post by Mooncow »

Hey Everyone! Some updates from you straight from Chaopolis! :surprise:

Firstly, updated rules/code of conduct for Chao Island.

For a while, although being a rather relaxed place, many people have criticised our rules for being too vague and open to interpretation. I have addressed this by adding a few things which have been known by our community but not said outright in the rules. With new members joining every day, I felt it was about time these were updated.

Staff Changes
After four years of being on the team, over two of which as an administrator, NachoThePikachu has decided to step down from the staff team. She has been an amazing help and we give her our best wishes for the future!

To help fill in with administrative duties, Nostalgia Ninja and Erubbu who have been doing a great job as Chao Wiki Leaders have stepped up to help by becoming Discord Administrators and Forum Moderators! It’s great to have them stepping up a level :herocool:
Also joining the Chao Experts team is Chao Professor, who has been active and helpful, and was also very active on the forums before Discord was a thing too. SSF1991 has joined the Chao Research Team and has been very keen digging into the mods and helping to update the Chao Wiki. I wish both a hearty welcome and a good stay!

Website Pages
The main site has been slowly progressing too. The glitches page has been filled, and we have decided to add a personalities page to the info-center due to the lack of clear guidance out there. This is not complete, but the Chao Experts will be working on getting this information accurate and filled.

The Black Market page has received a full overhaul. There was a lot of incorrect information on there which has been corrected by UltimaNumber.

Mod/Downloads section
CWE has been updated to v9! With hard work from Exant, DarkyBenji and their team. I’m sure many of you have checked it out already! We have the page up on the website, but we will be moving onto keeping the wiki page updated with the most up to date discoveries, currently with most of the work being done by SSF1991.

The Garden texture packs page has been fleshed out. If you would like your texture packs added, please let me know.

Also be sure to check out the chao-mod-updates channel on the Chao Island Discord! There are some great mods on there which are not on the main site, actively being developed. Be sure to check out some great work by Shaddatic, novastar and more.

Chao Wiki
Work continues on the Chao Wiki. I have also renamed the “Chao Encyclopaedia” link simply to Wiki to make it more clear on what it is. Great work has been done on it so far!
If you are interested in actively helping out, please let one of the Wiki Dev Leaders know!

Chao Gallery update
With a big thanks to PixlPixel, we now have a new collection of Moon Chao images on the Chao Gallery! Be sure to check these out if you want to see some cool Moon Chao evolutions.

Discord Server
One big change is the move to turn Chao Island into a _Community Server_. This gives us a few benefits such as a dedicated announcement channel. This is like an advanced News Chao role which allows you to "follow" the announcement channel to be receive updates in your own Discord server!

New Channel
I will be shortly releasing a new Discord channel to trial for helping users to find others to play online games with. I wanted to get it up this weekend, but the other updates took a lot of time so will sort it out soon. The new channel will be a regular chat channel focused on arranging games with one another, allowing you to see who is free to play, or organise your own server events. Full details need to be ironed out, but it should be fun! Don’t forget our Chao Island Steam group!

New Emojis
We have a lot of emoji slots to use – our Chao Island Artists are working on brand new Coco Emojis for the Discord! You should see them start to appear soon.

Server Boost!
Lastly a huge thanks to our server boosters – we have a total of 28 BOOSTS :darkhappy:
It's really nice of you all, thank you for your contribution.
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Thank you everyone for your support! I’ll keep the updates rolling.
-Mooncow :omochao:
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Re: Mid 2020 update

Post by Roaxes »

Chao Island is making moves! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the community! >:D
Welcome to staff Nostalgia and Erubbu, I'll try not to freak you guys out with my paranoia too badly. c:
And I also hope Professor and SSF1991 enjoy being a part of the team!
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Re: Mid 2020 update

Post by PixlPixel »

So glad I could help out! Hope I can contribute more in the future. :surprise: And congrats to everyone with their promotions! You guys rock! :chaohappy:
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Re: Mid 2020 update

Post by Nostalgia Ninja »

Glad to be of help to the team! :chaohappy: Hopefully the new changes have been seamless and without much issue.
Join the Chao Island Wiki team today! All information and assistance is welcomed. :chaohappy:
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Re: Mid 2020 update

Post by Chao31 »

Cool job guys!

I hope this place is the best chao site ever! :surprise:
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Re: Mid 2020 update

Post by Tails Prower »

Great! Continue like that! Amazing job! :wink: :chaohappy:
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