My problem with the gay community

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Re: My problem with the gay community

Post by EvilPinkamina » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:36 pm

chaoadventures wrote:going off of crazo's "post when you have time" statement, that doesn't necessarily mean they have the time to make a post to address everything here

do note that I'm just saying this because it's a possibility and not a fact that I'm running around with
i mean, a 14 y/o doesn't exactly have many obligations during summer. idk what you were doing at 14 but generally when I was 14 i was either spending all my time either on these forums/chatbox, hanging with my friends, or browsing other websites.
Triert wrote: I remember the old days when people would get shaped up by criticism and in turn be a better person.
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Re: My problem with the gay community

Post by SwifterTheDragon » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:31 am

chaoadventures wrote:I think as far as colors are concerned, people take them too... physically? I guess? That's the best word I can gather.

I personally support people doing as they please with themselves, but not associating a color with a form of movement of any sort.

So yes, I agree. That said, it's not necessarily the community as a whole, just sections of it.
you have to post a gif too, you fool

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I don't do GIF's.

Pumpkinium wrote:so does that mean a neutral chao automatically represent the flag of ukraine. Image
No because neutral chao won't be made fun of unlike this situation.
Lamby wrote:don't be so insecure

also did this actually happen to you or is it that thing straight people do when they don't wanna rock the boat too hard
I'm being bothered too much by it.
EvilPinkamina wrote:I mean really it depends how you use the rainbow. Using it just as a rainbow wouldn't be seen as LGBT. Using it with that spongebob imagination meme won't make you gay. Putting it on a flag? maybe you'd look pro-lgbt. But is that really a bad thing?

Honestly, who isn't a little gay nowadays?
People get bullied for this.
Triert wrote:Why don't you just make something and say it has nothing to do with the lgbt community? If people don't accept it or get uppity, don't listen to them. I'll be honest, I don't see rainbows in much besides lgbt and psychedelic artwork so anything that calls for a rainbow in it besides for those two is a mystery for me.
Kind of hard to avoid.
Tsui wrote:^Rainbow lights are cool in particular! The kind of aesthetics associated with the whole concept of a spectrum of bright digital colors. And a lot of RGB programmable gaming hardware by default (before the user assigns a single color). I don't think they're specifically marketing toward LGBT+ gamers/gaymers. That's getting off topic though I think.

To show you can use rainbows without it looking quite like the pride flag, here's a six-color rainbow I made that in my opinion looks different due to the blue and indigo in particular:

Said pride flag for reference:
And trust me, there are deeper issues in the gay community than something like rainbows.
I get your point, but the rainbow i'd use looks like the second one...
Jeffery Mewtamer wrote:I wasn't aware a significant portion of the population had a kneejerk rainbows = gay reaction. Then again, skittles, Cds, Leprechauns, and MLP all come to mind before GLBT when I think of rainbows. Is this another of those Big Social Media phenomena?

And is the Swastika really all that corrupted? Sure, you almost never see it in western art unless the artist is deliberately comparing something to Nazis, but outside of moral guardians, I can't recall anyone complaining about all the manji found in Eastern art that makes it to Western shores, and moral guardians who complain about symbols are as likely to go after crucifixes and Stars of David as they are Swastikas and Pentagrams in my experience.
Crazo3077 wrote:Before I add anything, I want to mention how no one is alarmed that Swifter hasn't said anything since the original post. Normally people respond to their topics closely after. Like it is really rude to be like this.

I'm going to address something Minty said, not to fight Minty, but to point out a problem with a concept that Minty shared that plenty of people apply to situations like this.
mintdrop wrote:... comapred with the amount of compulsory heterosexuality in society and the amount of straight couples etc shoved in our faces from a very young age.. i think the gay community having the rainbow symbol is a very minor thing. ...
This is not an argument: this is false equivalence. We're discussing symbols here, which means we'd need to give examples of where heterosexuals have dominance over a symbol, and then argue that the LGBT community has dominance over the rainbow.

For examples of heterosexual dominated symbols, the only thing that came to mind was the O in the SOX logo from Shimoneta, but that is just the insertion of the symbol for male inside the symbol for female: not exactly a symbol that can have many other meanings. Google doesn't really help me find examples either, and the only other example there is would be the mere standardization of heterosexual relationships in films, even when unnecessary, but that's not a visual aesthetic: that's just a tired media trope.

As for the rainbow, though, we've been given at least two examples where it is not inherently associated with the LGBT community: psychedelic iconography and the literal colorful arch. It also has a loose association with happiness, joy, or celebration, which is why you can find it on stickers used by grade school teachers. To some extent, it may even be considered a feminine symbol, or a symbol for diversity in general. The rainbow is a diverse visual aesthetic.

Because of this, making an argument behind "Well if we have all this straight propaganda, why can't we leave the rainbow alone?" is false equivalence. They're not very similar concepts to be comparing.

This is also why I don't think Swift needs to avoid using the rainbow: I think Swifter just needs to be mindful. Not all uses of the rainbow will invoke LGBT symbolism. Tsui has provided a solid example of choosing different ranges of the colors, and I stand by my joke about the LGBT flag have Violet, but not including Purple, which seemed to matter a lot when I was taught rainbows as a kid. There's also a lot of room for creativity with the rainbow, especially since the light spectrum is not really as evenly shared as many depictions of the rainbow suggest. When done by measurement, it is not nearly as rigid or blatant.
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Re: My problem with the gay community

Post by Annadog40 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:00 pm

Pumpkinium wrote:so does that mean a neutral chao automatically represent the flag of ukraine. Image
If it was upside down.