Cubic castles

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Cubic castles

Post by jad1 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:20 pm

Hello,now first of all yes I did see that there is already a thread for online games but i saw many people make posts about online games so I suppose it might be okay im not sure

So cubic castles is a building MMO (no building game can be made and not be called a minecraft clone)
So cubic castles has many features but also a bit of a toxic community but there are some good people
The only two reasons i am writing this are
Maybe make new friends :v
And also because if i save up about 6k cubits I will create the chao clan
I have some people to help me with the clan but it would be great to have some members with some chao knowledge instead of having to teach each one
Well if you ever decide to play it my in-game name is jad kheirallah
(Pretty sure in-game names don't count as friend codes)