I wanna breed my Chao...but idk when to

Post here if you want help with Chao raising/breeding, or if you are a kind person that likes to help other people!
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I wanna breed my Chao...but idk when to

Post by ChillyChao » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:20 pm

Oh no.....i double posted..... I THINK I JUST BROKE A RULE I'M SO DANG SORRY!!!
But anyways
I want to breed my :dark: Dark Chao and my :hero: god dang flipping Hero Chao. They evolved about 2 days ago So I wanted to breed em together since then. But I don't know how long it takes till they can breed for the first time. Just to clarify in case you did not see my last post, I'm playing the Dreamcast version of SA2 on Reicast, meaning I'm playing it on my phone. So I can't get any Heart Fruit.
If I'm violating rules by double posting please tell me so I can delete this post.
Thx everyone! Sadly I didn't see any reply at first so I kinda found a way to breed the Chao myself....ya I waited till I got to 3 hours and 33 minutes and then they bred :P
I have such very smol and cute Chao now \•°^/
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Re: I wanna breed my Chao...but idk when to

Post by Mamkute » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:47 pm

Don't worry about the double post.
I think the answers to what you are looking for should be here on the main site: http://chao.hippotank.com/sa2/mating
Under the SA2 section, mating.

I don't really know enough about Dreamcast chao to have the full details, but I think the main site page is good.

When it comes to chao mating seasons, and I think SA2 is the same as GC games for this purpose, there is a meter describing how willing the chao is to mate. Once it is full, the chao will go into its mating season, where it has a ring of flowers. For a chao to mate with another who is in its flower ring, the first chao must be >50% of the way through its own mating season meter. So, without heart fruit, it will certainly take a while to reach the point where one goes into its flower ring. But when that happens, the other chao should be willing to mate.

Unfortunately I can not find details on how fast the meter rises, so sorry about that.

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Re: I wanna breed my Chao...but idk when to

Post by azureprism » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:14 am

Does the rate at which the desire to breed parameter rises vary from Chao to Chao, or does it rise at the same pace for all Chao? Even then, does the parameter function in SA2DC in the exact same way it does in the remakes?

Either way, if you don't have access to Heart Fruit since you're running SA2 on a phone-based emulator, if you want to play it safe when breeding Chao you could try stick one in another garden when it enters mating season, then not enter that garden for a while so no time passes in it, wait for the other to enter its mating season and then take the first Chao back into its original garden so they can breed.

AFAIK, SA2DC's garden breeding mechanics are the same as all of the other games from SA2B onward, disregarding stat grade inheritence due to a lack of grades in the Dreamcast versions and the whole thing with colours since non-black and non-texture ones weren't introduced until SA2B.

What I mean is, it shouldn't be like SA1DC in which a single pair of Chao can produce two eggs if both are willing to mate (and even have both register as having bred afterwards - the breeding mechanics are a mess) and how being fed Lifenuts (what Heart Fruit was called in that game) in order to trigger a mating season drastically reduces a Chao's lifespan.

Alternatively, there any way you can get the save files off your phone and use them on a computer-based Dreamcast simulator? If you can, there's a couple of VMU simulators that will allow you to play Chao Adventure 2 and save information to the .VMS file so you can do stuff with the Dreamcast emulator like if you'd done things with the real deal. I don't know if there are any VMU emulators that allow two different sessions to connect to each other, though. ElysianVMU, while it is planned to have that sort of function, can't truly do multi-session connections or write .VMS files as of yet.

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