Modify the "Generations and Differences" page

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Modify the "Generations and Differences" page

Post by Crazo3077 » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:06 am

Here is the page I am talking about:

My suggestion is an entirely revised version of the page, with some explanations for changes at the end.

Generation 1
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
The first game to ever feature Chao, the Chao Garden originally had only a few, now standard, features: feeding Chao fruits and animals, showing affection with each character, branching evolution based on skills, and racing. There were very few breeds of Chao, and the garden contained many inhospitable landscaping features.

As a downloadable game to the VMU, Chao could join the player in their everyday life in a game called Chao Adventure. The game was downloaded by placing the Chao in the transfer machine found in each garden. Chao Adventure told a simple story of a Chao walking from destination to destination, featuring a memory matching game, a fighting competition between other Chao, and a means of mating with other Chao directly. Many prizes could be obtained on Chao Adventure that could be transferred to the Chao Garden. This was also the only way to look at the Chao's skill status.

Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)
The sequel introduces the player to new gardens as well as an improved system for raising the Chao, cleaning up some glitches. The Chao Kindergarten was introduced, giving the player the Classroom to teach Chao special skills, the Principal to give advice about raising Chao, and a Doctor to check up on sick Chao. The player interactions were also changed, as playable characters were divided into two groups, Hero and Dark, which directly influence the Chao's own alignment when shown affection. This resulted in an even wider branching evolution system. Chao Racing returned bigger and better than ever.

Using the Dreamcast's connection to the web, players could also obtain special breeds of Chao from an online Black Market. The player could also leave Chao in an online Chao Daycare, where they could exchange Chao with friends. This service has been disabled due to inactivity.

Another sequel title, Chao Adventure 2, updated the visuals of the Chao Adventure, but essentially remained the same experience as its predecessor. While Chao Adventure can be used to take Chao to Sonic Adventure 2, Chao Adventure 2 is only compatible with Sonic Adventure 2.

Generation 2
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Gamecube)
A port of Sonic Adventure 2, the game uses the same engine, with slight modifications to clean up any glitches, which required entirely modifying the landscapes of the Chao Gardens. Any major changes were due to the lack of the web access and VMU found in the Dreamcast version. The only change that made to the main garden was the Chao having a skill status table appear when you pick the Chao up or feed it. Chao Racing was also supplemented with Chao Karate, a game-type in tribute to the fighting from the VMU.

The Kindergarten now included the Black Market, which would sell fruit and seeds, previously obtained from Chao Adventure 2. The new Black Market also sold new special Chao eggs, as well as headgear for Chao to wear. A Fortune Teller was introduced to allow the player to easily name their Chao, or have it assigned a randomly chosen name, a feature previously exclusive to the Chao Adventure games. The Chao Doctor would also now give a more detailed skill status chart, including the Chao's personal interests and achievements in competitions.

The Chao Transporter was entirely redone, allowing players to do more than before. Instead of Chao Adventure, certain Gameboy Advance games would have a Tiny Chao Garden, where a single Chao can be taken care of. This game could also be downloaded to a Gameboy Advance's flash memory if it were turned on with no cartridge, but it would create a copy of the Chao instead of sending the Chao itself. The Chao Transporter also came with a function to move Chao between memory cards, as well as an option to send you Chao into the wild, in order to make room for more Chao in the garden.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Gamecube)
Unlike the previous port of a Dreamcast title, Sonic Adventure DX experienced quite a few changes from the original title. Instead of attempting to restore the original system, the Chao Garden from the Sonic Adventure 2 games was brought over to create consistency. This also came with the landscape for the Chao Gardens being revised, making them much easier to work within. The Chao Transporters were changed to be like the ones in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but the feature that moved Chao between memory cards was replaced with a feature to give a Chao a name.

The Black Market was also introduced to the Station Square Chao Garden, behaving just like the one in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, except not selling seeds, as they could not be planted in the garden. The Black Market also continued selling Hero Fruit and Dark Fruit, becoming the only way on Sonic Adventure DX to adjust a Chao's alignment.

Generation 2.5 Additional Ports
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (PC)
Identical to it's Gamecube counterpart, except for the Chao Transporter has been changed to a Chao Name Machine, and can only give the Chao a name or send it into the wild. There were also unexpected graphical changes noticed only in complex breeding practices.

Sonic Adventure (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)
Originally believed to be actual restorations of the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure, the games are simply ports of the PC version, cleaned up a little bit. The only noteworthy change is that in breeding mechanics, leaving some players disinterested.

Sonic Adventure (PC via Steam)
Another port of the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX, with similar problems in terms of breeding Chao as found on the Xbox360 and Playstation 3 versions.

Sonic Adventure 2 (PC via Steam, Xbox360, and Playstation 3)
The first ever PC port, it largely resembles the Gamecube version of Sonic Adventure 2, but with relevant changes such as the Chao Transporter becoming the Chao Naming Machine. Just like the other ports, this version experienced unexpected changes with the breeding mechanics, but none that take away from the gameplay experience.
SA(DC): Much more detailed.

SA2(DC): Focuses on relevant information. Intelligence and Luck are advanced raising topics, Chaos Drives will be quickly understood by players without mention. Also the mention of SADX and SA2B does not make the section sound chronological.

SA2B(GC): Emphasizes the relationship between SA2 and SA2B, as well as goes into further detail on relevant changes, but could also use a Tiny Chao Garden hyperlink.

SADX(GC): Nothing is really wrong with the original version, but I was maintaining continuity.

SADX(PC): The change to PC was minimal at best, and it feels weird qualifying it as Generation 2. I mean arguably SA2(DC) and beyond are all the same system, just different variations, but yeah. Without connectivity should be the qualifier.)

All Other Ports: They speak for themselves, pretty much.
Obviously these are rough drafts, and would benefit from appropriate hyperlinks, like for Chao Adventure and the Tiny Chao Garden,
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Re: Modify the "Generations and Differences" page

Post by Mooncow » Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:33 am

Thanks for this, I've started to update the page with your information. I think you're right that the page needed a lot more detail but I think that keeping the "complex breeding" parts is fine to be left in (doesn't need that much more detail than basic mention).

Thanks again for the re-write I've basically used all of it, will clean it up a bit more.
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