PC to gamecube? foodforthought

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PC to gamecube? foodforthought

Post by legendaryenigma »

i figured out how to cheat chao onto a sonic advance2 rom (for the purposes of amy and knuckles chao mainly) using a r4 card a dslite and sonic advance 2, but it made me wonder if its possible to somehow cheat .chao files from the pc game onto a sonic advance game to port them to the gamecube versions? it was just a random thought but it feels like it could be something that could work.
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Re: PC to gamecube? foodforthought

Post by Roaxes »

I personally don't really know a way of doing this, but if anything can do it, check out Froodys Save converter tool on gamebanana! A couple of people used it for converting GC saves to PC. However im not sure about doing the opposite.
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