Heretic: An OR Nuzlocke

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Heretic: An OR Nuzlocke

Post by thatguyinthecorner » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:15 pm


Hello there. Doing a Nuzlocke where all the Pokemon I catch are named after Gods/spirits/figures from mythology. Totally not inspired by Persona/Shin Megami Tensei, nope nope nope.

PROLOGUE: Norman and the Departure of May

"Mr. Norman?"
Damnit. Whenever this guy showed up it meant bad news.
"Er, um...the...Devon Industries main base"

"....I'm sorry, what?"

"They didn't do much damage, so we didn't really notice. They tracked the shipment, but they also, um...checked your records."

Norman turned to his gym, face angry. "What the hell could they want?!"

"I...I've not a clue. But something big is happening."

"Yeah, clearly. Pretty ballsy move, if that's all they want."

"Em, sir? Should we...?"
Norman turned to the man, fire in his eyes.
"NO. I sent her there for a reason."

"I...I was going to ask if we should redirect the shipment.
Calmed somewhat, Norman turned back around.

"I don't know, go ask someone who actually works for Devon."

It was another day. The sun rose as normal, and as normal the birds chirped.

May was not okay with this.
"Another day...second verse, same as the first. I wonder what that professor is doing today."
She walked downstairs, devouring some Soylent breakfast cereal, guaranteed to contain 100% less poverty-stricken fellow man! She could hear her mom making a hubbub about an interview with her father, Norman, on the TV. By the time he checked, it was over.

"Well that was brief."

"...Good morning, May!"

"Good morning!"
May finished the bowl, putting it in a sink.
"I'm going for a walk, alright?"

"Alright~! Don't go too far."
May left the house, hands in her pockets, and started humming. The whole town was basically a cage. Sure, it was much safer than...anywhere else, but that was of little comfort.
"Hey, May!"
The voice belonged to Brandon, son of the professor.

He ran over, panting.
"My dad...attacked by dog, ran me find him?"
She looked to him, considering. Sure. Why not. The break was welcome.
"By dog you mean a Poochyena, right?"
Brandon nodded, turning to the forest.
"Off we go!"
Brandon ran off, May quickly outpacing him. It wasn't long before she was assaulted with the man's shouting.
"That must be him."
May smiled. Maybe she could talk the guy into letting her have a Pokemon. People were really paranoid about letting her near one. She took off, zeroing in on the Prof. He dropped his bag, a detail that brought a smirk to her face. She picked it up, fumbling for a Pokeball as she searched. Sure enough, the old man was alternately beating a Poochyena with a stick to no avail and running. Just in time, she felt her hand close around a metal ball. She threw it into the air, a green creature emerging, and reached up to catch it. However...upon catching the ball, it became pure light. Her mind throbbed and she fell to her knees. Something, she felt, was tugging her brain. Tugging back, she felt a sting as the sensation ended. Before her stood a Treeko, but it glowed. There was something...more inhabiting it.
"...Pan, the Greek god of nature."
The Treeko nodded.
"Um...attack the dog."
Pan smiled, and with a savage growl tackled the beast, its balled fist slamming into its throat repeatedly. The animal gave one, two, three pained and horrific attempts at breath before its neck gave in. Pan backed off, looking smugly at its victim.

Professor Birch stared at her, his face a mix of terror and awkward gratitude.
"Um...thanks May."
May nodded, the smirk having become a look of confusion.
"What...just happened?"
Birch grunted.
"We'll discuss it back home."

Birch walked, beginning his monologue. May realized the Pokeball was still in her hand and returned Pan to it.

"You are what we call a Summoner. When a normal person uses a pokeball, it merely holds the pokemon in place and allows them to exert their will on it. However, when one of you touches one, it becomes that ball of light you saw earlier. This ball can bring forth the very spirits of gods...well, figures from myth. Pretty much anything, really. Usually gods, though...A-anyway, this makes your pokemon much more powerful, however...they can die."

The two walked in silence, until getting to the village.
"Your father had you sent here for a reason..."
He stared at her.
"I can't give that Treeko to anyone else. It won't obey them, and it'll probably-"
"....I'm going."
"Wait, you can't-"
Heretic turned, sprinting away. She finally knew why she was here. And she sure as hell wasn't staying.
"I'm gonna see the world! Kick my dad's ass for trying to cage me here!"
Too late. She was already gone.

"Norman's gonna kill me for this!"

(Sorry it starts out so choppy, wasn't sure how to kick this off)
"A girl walks up to you and starts dancing and you walk away? What are you, gay, drunk, high...?"


^and that was the greatest exchange of my year.

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Re: Heretic: An OR Nuzlocke

Post by thatguyinthecorner » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:54 pm

Chapter One: Pokeballs and The Gauntlet

May hadn't made it very far when the sudden realization she didn't have any Pokeballs brought her to a grinding halt. Turning to face her home, she ran back, sneaking about, and pilfered five of them from Birch's lab.

Or at least she would have, if an aid wasn't waiting for her.

"Good morning, May. I know what just happened."

May gulped. She wasn't sure what that meant. Unlike Birch, this guy actually had a way about him that invoked seriousness.

"And I figured I'd give you these to help with the journey."
The aid placed five Pokeballs on the ground before turning and walking away. Kneeling over and casually placing them in her bag, May kept a cautious eye on him. When he was out of sight, she gave a relieved sigh and turned around, departing for real this time. She passed the sight where she'd run into Birch and saw Brandon.


Nope. She sprinted away as fast as she could, losing him almost instantly. Stopping to take a break near some water, she heard something move. Panicking, she sent out Pan. It pivoted on the spot, quickly locating the source of the noise: a Surskuit. Amazed by the odds here, she nonetheless sicced Pan on it. An absorb or two later it was panting and almost dead. May grabbed a pokeball, feeling its mass disappear as it became light. What would work on this...? She probably needed a deity related in some way to the creature. It was an insect, and seemingly female...Eos.

"Eos, titan goddess of dawn and wife of the first cicada, come forth and take mortal form!"

Not sure where the chant came from, she aimed her palm at the creature. A light extended to it, and it convulsed repeatedly before vanishing, a pokeball in its place. For a second it sat in place before flying back to May's hand. So that's how it worked...

May looked in the water. Seeing her face reminded her of just why she wanted to set out. The world wasn't just her village, and reading up on stuff could only make life interesting so many times, and for so many weeks. What she really wanted was to become an Agent like her father and beat up criminal scum for a living. Pretty awesome lifestyle.

But first she'd need a code name. She couldn't just go by May forever, and no secret agent goes by their real name! That would be stupid! But...what? For a moment she sat in deep thought, wondering what to go by. A lightbulb went off in her head: Heretic.

A perfect name for one such as her! It'd be like The Crucible except there actually were witches, and less people would senselessly die, and...anyway, order of business. She walked around, doing some training. A couple Tailows almost killed Pan (one having a particularly nasty run with Eos) before setting foot in the next town over. Nothing of note happened and she was getting rather bored, so out came Pan and Eos to accompany her.

After a lot of walking and talking, they arrived at Petalburg. A smile came to Heretic's face. Time to say hi.

A grim expression sat upon Norman's face in his gym, sharply contrasting the surreal mix of terror and sheepish optimism on the boy facing him. He was small, scrawny, and had sickly green hair (Heretic assumed it was sickly-that or died), giving him a very fraile look. Norman's eyes, however, ignited upon seeing Heretic...or rather, her entourage. The awkward silence (she presumed there was one before, certainly made sense) suddenly became thick enough to cut with a knife.

".....Hi dad!"
Heretic shattered the silence, waving in feaux enthusiasm. Her Pokemon stood and twisted from face to face, unsure what to do. Norman shook, clearly displeased with the situation.
"What...are you doing here."
"I'm getting a job!...well, I will be. Gotta build up a resume first."
Amused by the situation, Heretic grinned.

"My Pokemon!"
Norman made a noise one might term a growl.
Heretic seemed almost giddy in her amusement.
".....u-um, Mr. Norman?" The kid spoke up uncertainly.

"....." Norman turned his head and stared at the wall, arms crossed. His gears were turning, that's always what that pose meant. " Have this."
Norman tossed a Pokeball to Wally, who fumbled and dropped it, clumsily picking it back up and placing it in a satchel. "What...kind of job?"

"I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was! an Agent, like you!" This got her a look of disdain.

"....I'm sorry, but...someone knocked. WHO ELSE IS IT!?" The door was opened by a fellow in a rather expedient manner, allowing the newest speaker in.

"I suppose this might be a bad time?" All eyes turned to a silver-haired man looking to be in his early twenties striding into the room. A very confident smile and a very prominently featured face were more than enough to identify him as Steven Stone. Norman, shaken, uncrossed his arms.

"Mr. Stone? What brings you...?" Steven looked at the two new trainers for a second.

"I heard that a sickly child was going to go on a pilgrimage to better himself and the story was touching enough I figured I'd send him off." Steven looked to the boy. "Wally...right?"

A belated nod gave him the answer yes.
"This was your idea, right?" Steven sounded confused. The boy nodded. "I've heard about your...situation and to be doing this regardless takes bravery most grown men don't have. I...commend you." Steven cleared his throat. "And that's why I'm giving you this."
He motioned outside. A Ralts was standing there.
"Go catch it. As I'm sure two know, Ralts is uncannily good at determining and even predicting changes in the health of its trainer. You...would e unwise not to have something with that ability."
Wally nodded and walked off to catch it.

"And that must be your daughter!...first I've heard of her."
Heretic waved.
"What's her name?" Before her father could answer, Heretic piped up.

"I'm Heretic! That's my code name, and that's what I'll go by once I'm an Agent! And to prove it, I'm going to run The Gauntlet!"
She could feel Norman recoil throughout the sentence. The land, once riddled with chaos, had been brought back together through the efforts of powerful trainers, now called Agents. Each major city had a special one whose job was specifically to maintain the law and stomp criminal scum, and to become one you either proved your mettle and got nominated or defeated each of them in succession in a challenge called The Gauntlet.

Steven loosed a powerful laugh of camaraderie.
"I like you! You've got fire in your eyes! I hope you succeed, I really do." Giving them all a wave he walked out.
"Good luck to both of you!"
"A girl walks up to you and starts dancing and you walk away? What are you, gay, drunk, high...?"


^and that was the greatest exchange of my year.

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Re: Heretic: An OR Nuzlocke

Post by thatguyinthecorner » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:34 pm

Chapter Two: Heretic and Itzpapalotl

" the boy back in. He's gonna need something in case that Ralts is hurt..."
Heretic nodded.
"Hey! Umm..." Looking sheepishly to Norman, "Wally, was it? Madad wants to talk again!"
Figuring she was done here, she trotted past him, giving her father a salute.
"Sayonara, pops! I'll be back once I have enough emblems to be worth your time. Heretic is off!
Once you beat an Agent for The Gauntlet, they gave you an emblem, proving your victory. Each had several teams (as most were summoners and thus their Pokemon could potentially die forever) and which they used for The Gauntlet depended on the amount of emblems their challenger held. She made her way through a path up to a cave, catching Wurmple and putting in it Itzpapalotl, the Azec butterfly goddess.
"Welcome to the team!"
Pan gave her what would be a pat on the back...if she were a vertebrate.
"........Hello. Touch me again and I devour you."
She had a pretty voice, as to be expected of the juvenile form of a butterfly speaking for a goddess. The tone and words, however, were less so.
"Well met, Master."

Heretic laughed nervously, greeting it back. They also ran into a Shroomish, which she gave the spirit of Jieveras, a Mesopotamian guardian spirit of wheat. Before they could give proper introductions, however, an extremely annoyed guy in a very untrustworthy garb ran past them carrying a package. Not one to pass up on something she could put on her future Agent resume, Heretic ran after him, herding him to a cluster of trees.

"Stop where you are, evildoer!"
She gave the agitated man a point before motioning for Pan.
"I'm sorry....what."
"I'm here to stop you! And take...that. Whatever it is."
She indicated the package. He glared back, even more annoyed.
He threw a Pokeball, and a Poochyena emerged.
"Sand attack."
The beast sprinted past Pan, leaving sand in its eyes. It reached out, the beast flinching as Absorb took effect. The grunt smiled, ordering the same. More sand was flung in his face, and Pan squealed in pain, his concentration too broken to use Absorb. While he clawed at his eyes, the dog howled, its body seeming larger. Pan made a quick attempt at Absorb and succeeded, only for another Sand Attack. It squealed again, in agony, and the beast howled twice more. It had a murderous glow to its eye.
"Crap...he could kill Pan instantly...Itz! Go go go!"
She had to sacrifice someone...returning Pan to his Pokeball, she watched in horror.
"I'm going to slice you open and drink your internal organs like a milkshake!"
The creature smirked, as did its owner.
Before anyone could react, Poochyena grabbed Itz, threw her into the air, and threw itself into her, sending the bug flying. It rolled and bounced several times, leaving a pink mush in its wake, before impacting a tree and becoming a pale stain.
A flinching Heretic sent out Pan again.
I'm sorry...
"Absorb. We have to kill it."
Pan darted to the animal, grabbing it by the throat. A green glow emanated from him as the Poochyena, flailing in pain, became smaller and weaker-looking until it was shriveled and had the texture of a fossil. Dropping the offender, Pan gave the owner a death glare.

"Hand. It. Over."
The man lobbed the package, sprinting away. An annoyed Heretic took it.
"...on to Rustboro."
"A girl walks up to you and starts dancing and you walk away? What are you, gay, drunk, high...?"


^and that was the greatest exchange of my year.