Story of the Gardens - Chapter 1 - Two sides of the story

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Story of the Gardens - Chapter 1 - Two sides of the story

Post by InkSelenaX » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:20 am

Two eggs were apart from eachother in one garden. One egg was wiggling and energetic, while the other was simply and slowly rolling around inch by inch as time passes by. Soon, after 5 minutes, at the same time, both eggs hatched into little, adorable chao though, they were very similar to each other, of course, they had their differences. The first chao was named Chaz, he was the energetic one, having a permanently happy expression with a wide, shark-like smile on his face. The other chao was named Echo, being the laid back and very calm one, having a regular, blank face, like a regular chao, though, despite being laid back and calm, he's actually more into the darker side of life, unlike his most likely twin brother. This, is where the story begins.

Chaz starts wondering around the Garden, trying to get to know the place, making cute, audible noises as he's doing so, while Echo goes to sleep. Suddenly, a tall figure appears in the Garden, picking up the supposed twins, taking them to Kindergarten to learn some lessons about how to speak, draw, and many other activities. At one point, the teacher starts talking to the students on how to speak English and how to do it successfully, after awhile, the teacher starts calling up students to try and speak English "Echo, please come up to the front of the class and introduce yourself!" The teacher said as Echo did what she told, clearing out his throat to speak "...I am Echo, a chao born with the desire to ki- I mean, the desire to help those in need, yeah... umm... I guess that's it...?" Echo then murmured something about destroying all of mankind for some reason. "Yako?" apparently, Yako seems to be out of place, since he's basically a fully grown dark chao, with a sense of good will unlike all of the other dark chao, so, he came up and began to speak "Everyone should know who I am, I've been held back here for... my lifetime? and I'm pretty sure that I should be dead by now, but somehow I'm not, so... that's something, I guess" Yako then walks back to his seat in a very slow and depressed manner. After Yako sat back down, another Chao comes up without having to be asked, the teacher only had to give a signal for it to do so, though, the Chao has a yellow pot over its head, and it looked very different from the rest, having a little greenish yellow on it's body, having a special blue crest on it's chest, and had the regular colors of a normal Chao, though, somehow, something about it was a bit... off. It went up in front of the class, looking around and waving at everyone, beginning to speak in a shy tone "u-um... I... don't have a name, but... you can call me Pothead, if you want... ...oh! I really love to draw and play with the maracas!" The Chao, introduced as Pothead, brings out his maracas and begins to do a little dance, which seemed to be a special dance passed down for generations, having been from many years ago, almost forgotten from time itself, and is always remembered by one Chao that is born from a special family every 10 human/anthro years, which is a very long time in Chao years, it's unknown what 10 of these years convert to in Chao years, though, it really is a very long time, nevertheless. Pothead then finishes his dance with banging the gong with one of his maracas and the other maraca shaking and then stopping after the gong vibrates, Pothead then bows after his performance and every Chao in the room clapped, amused by the dance, especially Chaz, who was clapping in a very hyperactive manner. Pothead went back to his original spot and then the teacher calls up the next student "Pumpkin?" she asked politely, but no reply, then, she repeated "Pumpkin!" Then, completely out of nowhere, a brownish orange Chao comes in "Sorry! I had to finish a race!" Everyone in the room except for Echo and Chaz groaned, since they all know that Pumpkin was always late for class, ever since he started his own... 'career' for racing, it always happens. Honestly, since Chaz and Echo were new here, they don't know about Pumpkin, nor what he does, then, Echo raises his hand, wanting to know about Pumpkin "yes, Echo?" asked the teacher with a very polite tone of voice, giving Echo the chance to ask, "What's a race? Is it an activity?" The teacher then replied, "Well, Races can be counted as activities, however, for Pumpkin, it's a job of his. You see, Races depend on your grades, ranks, and even experience. We'll talk about this topic once we introduce everyone, ok?" Echo then nods as Pumpkin comes up to explain himself "Hello everyone, as you all know, I'm Pumpkin, a well known racer in the Chao races, though, I'm only doing it to raise up the school's funds to make it a better experience for everyone! That's really the only reason I do it..." Everyone claps slowly, sighing, knowing the school is good as is without funds.

Then, the bell rings, as it's time for recess and lunch for the class, so, each student gets their lunch and goes out in the playground where they can eat and play. Chaz opens up his lunchbox, having a Chao fruit and Green Chaos Drive in there "ohhh! my favorite!" he exclaimed, drinking up the Green Chaos Drive before eating the Chao fruit, Echo opens up his lunchbox, with bulks of Dark fruit along with 3 Purple Chaos Drives, then he murmured to himself "...this is pretty stupid." then eats the Dark fruit first before moving onto the Chaos Drives, turning darker and darker as he finishes each Dark Fruit. Pumpkin opens up his lunchbox, having only the 4 types of Chaos Drives and 2 Chao fruit "Welp... I'll choose... hmmm... this one." He then proceeded to drink the Yellow Chaos Drive, thinking it would be perfect for the type of race he sucks at. Pothead, unlike the others, didn't need a lunch, instead, he went on the playground, playing with the ball in the center, trying to balance himself on it, for the sake of having plain ol' fun. Yako didn't have a lunchbox, though, he had 3 red Chaos drives with him, and he drinks all of them at once. After all of the students have ate their lunch, they decided to play on the playground, having the time of their life while doing so.

After a bit of playing around, the bell rings for the Chao to go back to their respective Gardens, and so, the fun ends. One of the Chao didn't want to go home and instead, follows Chaz and Echo back to their Garden, as they walk, they hear footsteps of someone behind them, Chaz looking behind, but saw no one, so kept on going, though, the footsteps were still being heard by Chaz in particular, then after awhile of hearing footsteps, Chaz felt... uneasy about it, but at least him and Echo have returned to their Garden. The Chao who was behind them entered the Garden uninvited, grabbing their eggshells and hiding them somewhere where no one could even bother to look, then, the same Chao went and sat on top of the waterfall, picking off parts of the plant and letting them float gently into the lake, then, it jumped into the water, making a splash which Echo and Chaz have heard, then, they came over to the lake to investigate, then, what they found surprised them both. It was a black two-tone Swim/Swim Hero Chao, who they didn't even see in the Kindergarten class. It spoke to them "Hi there, you two!" It smiled at them just like an angel would, then, it continued, "I was interested in getting to know you both, so, I followed you all the way back to your garden!" Chaz and Echo felt a bit uneasy about this Chao, they don't know who it is, but, surely, they knew that it would explain itself to them.

(Stay tuned for Chapter 2!)
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