Correction on genetics of facial expressions

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Correction on genetics of facial expressions

Post by MadMoshe »

Hi everybody,

In the Chao Wiki, on the page about genetics, the following has been said about Chao facial expressions: "A Chao's facial expression is known to be random, not genetically determined." However, based on my most recent breeding project, I have reason to believe otherwise.

As of late, I have been selectively breeding Chao in order to produce a Chao breed that is homozygously "S" for all stat grades. Breeding closely related Chao makes homozygosity easier to obtain, so I started doing that. During the 5th generation, something strange began to happen. Every single 5th generation Chao had angry eyelids and the "evil" smile (the one where the teeth are showing). When I say every 5th generation Chao looked like that, I mean literally EVERY single one.

From the 5th generation onward, all Chao born from this population had this exact same facial expression. Not a single Chao was born that had anything else. Keep in mind that I had to breed each generational pair an average of about 10-15 times before getting the phenotype I wanted- and yes, all of them had this face, literally all of them.

This is the reason why I am having a hard time believing that facial expressions are not linked to genetics or ancestry in some way. Is there anyone who can offer an alternative explanation or more background information on the facial expression randomization algorithm?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: Correction on genetics of facial expressions

Post by Roaxes »

Quoting someone from the Chao Island Discord who took a crack at answering your question.
it is genetically determined
based on personalities
kindness curiosity and some other one i cant check rn
and personalities are stored in dna so
yeah they're genetically determined
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