Beta SA2B and TCG Chao screenshots

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Beta SA2B and TCG Chao screenshots

Post by chaoadventures » Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:03 am

Not gonna lie, these aren't revolutionary or anything, but I stumbled upon them anyways, so here: ... ao-garden/

Summary of SA2B differences:

- Chao Transporter is a different color; The GBA is red, the main body is yellow, and the hatch that opens up to insert a chao is green and lacks a red arrow on it.
It also just has the GBA boot screen instead of "Chao Adventure" on it.

- The "Pick Up" menu in the transporter appears to have images of the available Fruit and Eggs to be picked up instead of displaying the models directly.

- The main menu of the Transporter is a much darker yellow.

- The chao in the races seem more expressive, but I can't really say if I just wasn't paying enough attention in the final version, if the DC version had this, or if it's just a Party Race.

Summary of TCG differences:

- Apparently it used to be called the Petite Chao Garden? I'm guessing they simply didn't finish localization yet, as the article keeps using a misspelling of "petite".

- The purple GBA for entering a mini-game is not in the top right corner, rather it is much closer to the bottom right.

- The white GBA doesn't appear to exist yet.

- In some of the screenshots, both of the GBAs are gone. Perhaps you had to buy or unlock them? Or maybe these are just slightly different points in development? Or they just wanted secrets?

- Your chao's speech seems to be displayed at the very bottom of the screen, regardless of their position.

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