Race Medals

Sonic Adventure 1

Below are all the obtainable medals in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX.

Pearl Course Medal Pearl Course MedalPearl Course
Amethyst Course Medal Amethyst Course MedalAmethyst Course
Sapphire Course Medal Sapphire Course MedalSapphire Course
Ruby Course Medal Ruby Course MedalRuby Course
Emerald Course Medal Emerald Course MedalEmerald Course

Sonic Adventure 2

Below are all the obtainable medals in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Beginner Races Medal Beginner Races MedalBeginner Races
Aquamarine Course Medal Aquamarine Course MedalAquamarine Course
Topaz Course Medal Topaz Course MedalTopaz Course
Peridot Course Medal Peridot Course MedalPeridot Course
Garnet Course Medal Garnet Course MedalGarnet Course
Onyx Course Medal Onyx Course MedalOnyx Course
Diamond Course Medal Diamond Course MedalDiamond Course
Challenge Races Medal Challenge Races MedalChallenge Races
Hero Races Medal Hero Races MedalHero Races
Dark Races Medal Dark Races MedalDark Races