Child Chao

Before a Chao has it’s first evolution it is classed as a child/baby Chao.

The pictures below show all of these pre-evolved Chao.

ColourTwo-toneShiny Two-toneMono-toneShiny Mono-toneShiny-Jewel (PC)
RegularRegular Two-tone ChildShiny Regular Two-tone ChildRegular Mono-tone ChildShiny Regular Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Regular Child
BlackBlack Two-tone ChildShiny Black Two-tone ChildBlack Mono-tone ChildShiny Black Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Black Child
BlueBlue Two-tone ChildShiny Blue Two-tone ChildBlue Mono-tone ChildShiny Blue Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Blue Child
BrownBrown Two-tone ChildShiny Brown Two-tone ChildBrown Mono-tone ChildShiny Brown Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Brown Child
GreenGreen Two-tone ChildShiny Green Two-tone ChildGreen Mono-tone ChildShiny Green Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Green Child
GreyGrey Two-tone ChildShiny Grey Two-tone ChildGrey Mono-tone ChildShiny Grey Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Grey Child
Lime GreenLime Green Two-tone ChildShiny Lime Green Two-tone ChildLime Green Mono-tone ChildShiny Lime Green Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Lime Green Child
OrangeOrange Two-tone ChildShiny Orange Two-tone ChildOrange Mono-tone ChildShiny Orange Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Orange Child
PinkPink Two-tone ChildShiny Pink Two-tone ChildPink Mono-tone ChildShiny Pink Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Pink Child
PurplePurple Two-tone ChildShiny Purple Two-tone ChildPurple Mono-tone ChildShiny Purple Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Purple Child
RedRed Two-tone ChildShiny Red Two-tone ChildRed Mono-tone ChildShiny Red Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Red Child
Sky BlueSky Blue Two-tone ChildShiny Sky Blue Two-tone ChildSky Blue Mono-tone ChildShiny Sky Blue Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Sky Blue Child
WhiteWhite Two-tone ChildShiny White Two-tone ChildWhite Mono-tone ChildShiny White Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel White Child
YellowYellow Two-tone ChildShiny Yellow Two-tone ChildYellow Mono-tone ChildShiny Yellow Mono-tone ChildShiny-Jewel Yellow Child

Jewel Chao

AmethystAmethyst Child
AquamarineAquamarine Child
EmeraldEmerald Child
GarnetGarnet Child
GoldGold Child
OnyxOnyx Child
PeridotPeridot Child
RubyRuby Child
SapphireSapphire Child
SilverSilver Child
TopazTopaz Child