Jewel Chao

These are the Jewel Chao. There is an irregularity where “Ruby” is a deep red on the Dreamcast games (like the Garnet Chao shown here), wheras it is more pink in the following games.


AmethystNeutral Amethyst NormalNeutral Amethyst SwimNeutral Amethyst FlyNeutral Amethyst RunNeutral Amethyst PowerNeutral Amethyst Chaos Chao
AquamarineNeutral Aquamarine NormalNeutral Aquamarine SwimNeutral Aquamarine FlyNeutral Aquamarine RunNeutral Aquamarine PowerNeutral Aquamarine Chaos Chao
EmeraldNeutral Emerald NormalNeutral Emerald SwimNeutral Emerald FlyNeutral Emerald RunNeutral Emerald PowerNeutral Emerald Chaos Chao
GarnetNeutral Garnet NormalNeutral Garnet SwimNeutral Garnet FlyNeutral Garnet RunNeutral Garnet PowerNeutral Garnet Chaos Chao
GoldNeutral Gold NormalNeutral Gold SwimNeutral Gold FlyNeutral Gold RunNeutral Gold PowerNeutral Gold Chaos Chao
OnyxNeutral Onyx NormalNeutral Onyx SwimNeutral Onyx FlyNeutral Onyx RunNeutral Onyx PowerNeutral Onyx Chaos Chao
PeridotNeutral Peridot NormalNeutral Peridot SwimNeutral Peridot FlyNeutral Peridot RunNeutral Peridot PowerNeutral Peridot Chaos Chao
RubyNeutral Ruby NormalNeutral Ruby SwimNeutral Ruby FlyNeutral Ruby RunNeutral Ruby PowerNeutral Ruby Chaos Chao
SapphireNeutral Sapphire NormalNeutral Sapphire SwimNeutral Sapphire FlyNeutral Sapphire RunNeutral Sapphire PowerNeutral Sapphire Chaos Chao
SilverNeutral Silver NormalNeutral Silver SwimNeutral Silver FlyNeutral Silver RunNeutral Silver PowerNeutral Silver Chaos Chao
TopazNeutral Topaz NormalNeutral Topaz SwimNeutral Topaz FlyNeutral Topaz RunNeutral Topaz PowerNeutral Topaz Chaos Chao


AmethystHero Amethyst NormalHero Amethyst SwimHero Amethyst FlyHero Amethyst RunHero Amethyst PowerHero Amethyst Chaos Chao
AquamarineHero Aquamarine NormalHero Aquamarine SwimHero Aquamarine FlyHero Aquamarine RunHero Aquamarine PowerHero Aquamarine Chaos Chao
EmeraldHero Emerald NormalHero Emerald SwimHero Emerald FlyHero Emerald RunHero Emerald PowerHero Emerald Chaos Chao
GarnetHero Garnet NormalHero Garnet SwimHero Garnet FlyHero Garnet RunHero Garnet PowerHero Garnet Chaos Chao
GoldHero Gold NormalHero Gold SwimHero Gold FlyHero Gold RunHero Gold PowerHero Gold Chaos Chao
OnyxHero Onyx NormalHero Onyx SwimHero Onyx FlyHero Onyx RunHero Onyx PowerHero Onyx Chaos Chao
PeridotHero Peridot NormalHero Peridot SwimHero Peridot FlyHero Peridot RunHero Peridot PowerHero Peridot Chaos Chao
RubyHero Ruby NormalHero Ruby SwimHero Ruby FlyHero Ruby RunHero Ruby PowerHero Ruby Chaos Chao
SapphireHero Sapphire NormalHero Sapphire SwimHero Sapphire FlyHero Sapphire RunHero Sapphire PowerHero Sapphire Chaos Chao
SilverHero Silver NormalHero Silver SwimHero Silver FlyHero Silver RunHero Silver PowerHero Silver Chaos Chao
TopazHero Topaz NormalHero Topaz SwimHero Topaz FlyHero Topaz RunHero Topaz PowerHero Topaz Chaos Chao


AmethystDark Amethyst NormalDark Amethyst SwimDark Amethyst FlyDark Amethyst RunDark Amethyst PowerDark Amethyst Chaos Chao
AquamarineDark Aquamarine NormalDark Aquamarine SwimDark Aquamarine FlyDark Aquamarine RunDark Aquamarine PowerDark Aquamarine Chaos Chao
EmeraldDark Emerald NormalDark Emerald SwimDark Emerald FlyDark Emerald RunDark Emerald PowerDark Emerald Chaos Chao
GarnetDark Garnet NormalDark Garnet SwimDark Garnet FlyDark Garnet RunDark Garnet PowerDark Garnet Chaos Chao
GoldDark Gold NormalDark Gold SwimDark Gold FlyDark Gold RunDark Gold PowerDark Gold Chaos Chao
OnyxDark Onyx NormalDark Onyx SwimDark Onyx FlyDark Onyx RunDark Onyx PowerDark Onyx Chaos Chao
PeridotDark Peridot NormalDark Peridot SwimDark Peridot FlyDark Peridot RunDark Peridot PowerDark Peridot Chaos Chao
RubyDark Ruby NormalDark Ruby SwimDark Ruby FlyDark Ruby RunDark Ruby PowerDark Ruby Chaos Chao
SapphireDark Sapphire NormalDark Sapphire SwimDark Sapphire FlyDark Sapphire RunDark Sapphire PowerDark Sapphire Chaos Chao
SilverDark Silver NormalDark Silver SwimDark Silver FlyDark Silver RunDark Silver PowerDark Silver Chaos Chao
TopazDark Topaz NormalDark Topaz SwimDark Topaz FlyDark Topaz RunDark Topaz PowerDark Topaz Chaos Chao