Shiny-Jewel Chao (GC)

These are the Shiny-Jewel Chao from the Gamecube games. They are mostly semi-transparent or completely invisible with a few being opaque.


RegularNeutral Regular Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Regular Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Regular Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Regular Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Regular Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Regular Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BlackNeutral Black Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Black Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Black Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Black Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Black Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Black Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BlueNeutral Blue Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Blue Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Blue Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Blue Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Blue Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Blue Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BrownNeutral Brown Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Brown Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Brown Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Brown Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Brown Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Brown Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
GreenNeutral Green Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Green Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Green Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Green Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Green Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Green Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
GreyNeutral Grey Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Grey Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Grey Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Grey Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Grey Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Grey Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
Lime GreenNeutral Lime Green Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Lime Green Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Lime Green Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Lime Green Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Lime Green Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Lime Green Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
OrangeNeutral Orange Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Orange Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Orange Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Orange Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Orange Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Orange Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
PinkNeutral Pink Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Pink Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Pink Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Pink Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Pink Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Pink Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
PurpleNeutral Purple Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Purple Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Purple Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Purple Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Purple Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Purple Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
RedNeutral Red Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Red Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Red Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Red Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Red Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Red Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
Sky BlueNeutral Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
WhiteNeutral White Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral White Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral White Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral White Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral White Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral White Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
YellowNeutral Yellow Shiny-Jewel NormalNeutral Yellow Shiny-Jewel SwimNeutral Yellow Shiny-Jewel FlyNeutral Yellow Shiny-Jewel RunNeutral Yellow Shiny-Jewel PowerNeutral Yellow Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao


RegularHero Regular Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Regular Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Regular Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Regular Shiny-Jewel RunHero Regular Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Regular Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BlackHero Black Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Black Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Black Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Black Shiny-Jewel RunHero Black Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Black Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BlueHero Blue Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Blue Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Blue Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Blue Shiny-Jewel RunHero Blue Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Blue Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BrownHero Brown Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Brown Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Brown Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Brown Shiny-Jewel RunHero Brown Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Brown Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
GreenHero Green Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Green Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Green Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Green Shiny-Jewel RunHero Green Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Green Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
GreyHero Grey Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Grey Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Grey Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Grey Shiny-Jewel RunHero Grey Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Grey Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
Lime GreenHero Lime Green Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Lime Green Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Lime Green Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Lime Green Shiny-Jewel RunHero Lime Green Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Lime Green Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
OrangeHero Orange Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Orange Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Orange Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Orange Shiny-Jewel RunHero Orange Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Orange Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
PinkHero Pink Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Pink Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Pink Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Pink Shiny-Jewel RunHero Pink Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Pink Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
PurpleHero Purple Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Purple Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Purple Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Purple Shiny-Jewel RunHero Purple Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Purple Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
RedHero Red Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Red Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Red Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Red Shiny-Jewel RunHero Red Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Red Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
Sky BlueHero Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel RunHero Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
WhiteHero White Shiny-Jewel NormalHero White Shiny-Jewel SwimHero White Shiny-Jewel FlyHero White Shiny-Jewel RunHero White Shiny-Jewel PowerHero White Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
YellowHero Yellow Shiny-Jewel NormalHero Yellow Shiny-Jewel SwimHero Yellow Shiny-Jewel FlyHero Yellow Shiny-Jewel RunHero Yellow Shiny-Jewel PowerHero Yellow Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao


RegularDark Regular Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Regular Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Regular Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Regular Shiny-Jewel RunDark Regular Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Regular Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BlackDark Black Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Black Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Black Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Black Shiny-Jewel RunDark Black Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Black Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BlueDark Blue Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Blue Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Blue Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Blue Shiny-Jewel RunDark Blue Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Blue Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
BrownDark Brown Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Brown Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Brown Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Brown Shiny-Jewel RunDark Brown Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Brown Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
GreenDark Green Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Green Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Green Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Green Shiny-Jewel RunDark Green Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Green Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
GreyDark Grey Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Grey Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Grey Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Grey Shiny-Jewel RunDark Grey Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Grey Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
Lime GreenDark Lime Green Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Lime Green Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Lime Green Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Lime Green Shiny-Jewel RunDark Lime Green Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Lime Green Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
OrangeDark Orange Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Orange Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Orange Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Orange Shiny-Jewel RunDark Orange Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Orange Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
PinkDark Pink Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Pink Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Pink Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Pink Shiny-Jewel RunDark Pink Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Pink Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
PurpleDark Purple Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Purple Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Purple Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Purple Shiny-Jewel RunDark Purple Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Purple Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
RedDark Red Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Red Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Red Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Red Shiny-Jewel RunDark Red Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Red Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
Sky BlueDark Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel RunDark Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Sky Blue Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
WhiteDark White Shiny-Jewel NormalDark White Shiny-Jewel SwimDark White Shiny-Jewel FlyDark White Shiny-Jewel RunDark White Shiny-Jewel PowerDark White Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao
YellowDark Yellow Shiny-Jewel NormalDark Yellow Shiny-Jewel SwimDark Yellow Shiny-Jewel FlyDark Yellow Shiny-Jewel RunDark Yellow Shiny-Jewel PowerDark Yellow Shiny-Jewel Chaos Chao