Chao Hacking (DC)

Tyro was the original Chao hacker - he created the first ever Chao Editor - for use with a VMU - back in the year 2000!

Back in the year 2000, things were very different. People didn’t have the resources, technology and tools that are available today. All Tyro had was a way to transfer Chao files to the PC & back to the Dreamcast (with a cable and tool called the DC linker), and the rest was purely by experimenting with trial and error. It’s a lot easier to discover Chao behavior and attributes today with so much knowledge available online, social media, and countless programming and hacking tools. Tyro’s contribution to the scene back in the day was insightful and valuable, and he could be heralded as the original Chao Expert. Here is his personal documentation, shared for the first time to the public on Chao Island.

DC Chao Hacking Guide

Coco the Mascot Chao