Chao Genome Project

This is a full copy of a document given to me by a veteran Chao Island member Arti-Ohki, covering hacking with the Gamecube version. His full guide below.

(Chao Hacking File)

All information done by the Hacking Chao:
Artichao(Tails-Ohki), Mempf(umm… Mempf), Cream(Xevofthelexx), & Kerrigor(Edash).
This guide, however, was written by Artichao.

This guide wouldn’t be possible without the original Hacking guide made by Tranzeagle!

Aritchao here! I’ll be your guide through this uhh… guide. There will be updates as more knowledge of their “genes” becomes available.
This is a study of the “genes” of a chao inside the Tiny Chao Garden of Sonic Advance. I haven’t tested these for the other two games (I don’t have them in rom form).

Anyway, in order to use this to hack chao you will need the following:

  1. A Game Boy Advance
  2. Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Pinball Party, 2-in-1 pack with Sonic Advance and Sonic Pinball Party, 2-in-1 pack with Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle, or 2-in-1 pack with Sonic Pinball Party and Sonic Battle
  3. GameShark or Action Replay for GBA
  4. A computer with a USB port (most have at least 2)
  5. A Game Boy Advance emulator (I personally recommend Visual Boy Advance)
  6. A copy of the Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Pinball Party, 2-in-1 pack with Sonic Advance and Sonic Pinball Party, 2-in-1 pack with Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle, or 2-in-1 pack with Sonic Pinball Party and Sonic Battle rom
  7. A hex editor (I use xvi32)

If you want to put these chao on your GameCube, you’ll need (If not, the hacking is really limited, so I suggest this): 1. A GameCube (of course!) 2. A Game Boy Advance to GameCube link 3. A memory card (optional, but helpful) 4. Either Sonic Adventure DX or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (unless stated what is needed)

NOTE: Newer GameSharks save in a format with the extension GSV. This file is not supported by VBA but can be made into an SPS file that will work. Below are steps to convert GSV to SPS and vice versa:

  1. Make a gameshark snapshot of the rom and a gamesave of the cartridge game and put them both on the computer (preferably in the same folder).
  2. Open up the hex editor (I will use xvi32 for these instructions) twice so both files are up at the same time.
  3. Now, you have to find a starting point where they are the same (like a word that appears in both or just when it overall looks the same). For the 2-in-1s, it helps to go and save at least once in BOTH the game and the rom before make the GSV and SPS files. This starting point DOES NOT have to be in the same spot (if you find a spot in one that says Chao at the address 400, it could be at the address 595 in the other one).
  4. Once you find the common point (which most likely will be at different addresses with the SPS file having the smaller address), put your cursor on the spot just before the common point in the file you wanna convert to (if you’re converting to SPS, then this step involves the SPS file) and hold shift and up until everything before it is highlighted red. Copy it.
  5. Go into the other file and put the cursor on the common point (in my example in step 3, this would be the C in Chao) and hold backspace so you remove everything before it. Paste what you copied from step 4.
  6. Save it as whatever you’re program will read (if it’s GSV, you might have to save it as the specific game, but I haven’t done it in a while). Do NOT rewrite one of the two files you started with.
  7. Load it up and test it to be sure it’s working. It should work, but you can never be 100% positive on things.
  8. Keep both originals as your tools to create more SPS/GSV conversions.

Now, to convert the opposite way, the instructions are the same, so don’t worry.

Okay, now that you have the equipment needed, you can start hacking. You may be asking yourself how does one hack with this. That’s the second part of this.

  1. Start up the Visual Boy and load up the rom. Reach the Tiny Chao Garden
  2. If you want (usually good for chao reaching the GameCube), go to the file menu and import gameshark snapshot. Choose the SPS file and then your chao will be imported. You’ll have to re-enter the Tiny Chao Garden though.
  3. Go over to the tools menu and go to memory viewer.
  4. Enter 03003000 for SA1 if it’s a single pack, 03002990 for SA1 if it’s in any 2-in-1, 03003BC0 for SA2, or 03004AE0 for SPP in the search and set it to automatic update.
  5. Now, there’s a “grid” of 2-digit numbers in hexadecimal. The 8-digit number on the left side tells what the addresses of the 2-digit numbers are. They go up by 10 (16 in hexadecimal) and there are 16 sets of 2 digits. There are also different ways to view it: 8-, 16-, and 32-bit. For now, forget those exist. On the right side, the numbers are converted into symbols. Those too, are pretty useless. The only real use I can think of would be for hacking the name (As if people don’t know how to name a chao).
  6. If you are just using a Game Boy Advance, the only real codes you can use are stats, fruit, mood, belly, name, the first color, and the first attribute/ability. Otherwise, you can use all the others. In order to put them in, look at the address and find the value you want. Match it up with the memory viewer. Then, enter the value in the 2-digit spot unless it requires more (it will be stated so).
  7. When you’re done with all changes, pause the game and Save & Exit. As soon as the game restarts, go to the file menu and export gameshark snapshot. Save the file to your preference.
  8. A final note: for those who want to change values for chao who will eventually go to the GameCube must go to the GameCube first before the chao will be able to be fully hacked.

These are going to be all the things that I plan on talking about in here:
Chao Type in GBA
Chao Color in GBA
Egg color from GBA
Fruit in GBA
Mood in GBA
Belly in GBA
Stats in both
Chao Type in GCN
Second evolution in GCN
Swim Run/Swim Power/Fly Run/Fly Power
The rest is GameCube only (if you want to see them that is)
Head Ball
Metal (and others)
Body Medal
Body type
SA2: B only
21 animals
Egg Chao
SADX (?)
Animal parts

Well, now that the babbling is over… (It took up 2½ friggin’ pages!!!) It’s time for the codes. They will be put in order of appearance in the coding, unless they go together (Like the second evolution codes)

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030190300300903003BD903004AF9GBA Chao Egg

00 Normal
01 Metal Yellow
02 Metal White
03 Metal Pink
04 Metal Blue
05 Metal Green
06 Metal Purple
07 Metal Light Blue
08 Metal Red
09 Metal Black
0A Metal Light Green
0B Metal Orange
0C Pearl
0D Dull Light Blue
0E Sky
0F Crystal Ball
10 Normal Egg (Freezes game)
FF Nothing

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
0300301A0300300A03003BDA03004AFAFruit Slot 1 (in transfer)
0300301B0300300B03003BDB03004AFBFruit Slot 2 (in transfer)
0300301C0300300C03003BDC03004AFCFruit Slot 3 (in transfer)
0300301D0300300D03003BDD03004AFDFruit Slot 4 (in transfer)
0300301E0300300E03003BDE03004AFEFruit Slot 5 (in transfer)
0300301F0300300F03003BDF03004AFFFruit Slot 6 (in transfer)
030030200300301003003BE003004B00Fruit Slot 7 (in transfer)
030030210300301103003BE103004B01Fruit Slot 8 (in transfer)

00 Fruit A
01 Fruit B
02 Fruit C
03 Fruit D
04 Fruit E
05 Fruit F
06 Fruit G
07 Mushroom
08 Mushroom

These next ones only appear in the Pick up in the GCN and cannot be brought into the gardens.

09 Candy
0A Plant Sprout
0B Chao Garden Fruit (?)
0C Hero Garden Fruit (?)
0D Dark Garden Fruit (?)
0E Yellow and red fruit
0F Banana fruit
10 Hero Fruit (?)
FF Nothing

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030310300302103003BF103004B11GBA Chao Type

00 Child
01 Normal/Neutral
02 Normal/Hero
03 Normal/Dark
04 Swim/Neutral
05 Swim/Hero
06 Swim/Dark
07 Fly/Neutral
08 Fly/Hero
09 Fly/Dark
0A Run/Neutral
0B Run/Hero
0C Run/Dark
0D Power/Neutral
0E Power/Hero
0F Power/Dark
10 Chaos/Neutral
11 Chaos/Hero
12 Chaos/Dark
13 ???

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030320300302203003BF203004B12GBA Chao Color

00 Normal color
01 Yellow
02 Silver
03 Magenta
04 Blue
05 Green
06 Purple
07 Light Blue
08 Red
09 Black
0A Light Green
0B Orange
0C Jet Black

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030330300302303003BF303004B13GBA Chao Mood

00-C8 00=Empty; C8=Full

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030340300302403003BF403004B14GBA Chao Belly (sounds funny!)

00-C8 00=Empty; C8=Full


Level Meters

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00-64 00=Empty; 63=Full; 64=Level Up

Level Grades

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00 E Rank
01 D Rank
02 C Rank
03 B Rank
04 A Rank
05 S Rank


SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00-63 00=00; 63=99

Level Amounts

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00 00-27 0F 00 00=0000; 01 F4=0500; 0C C2=3266; 0F A0=4000; 27 0F=9999

[Note: To get anything between 0 and 9999, just plug the value into the Windows calculator (or anything that converts to hex), separate the value into 2 groups of 2 digits (may have to add a 0 or two in the front) and there you have it (ex. 500=1F4; add a 0 to get 01F4; split it to make 01 F4; enter that into the values)]

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030980300308803003C5803004B78GCN Chao Type

00 Child with happy eyes (Glitchy)
01 Egg
02 Child
03 Child with air void above head (Neutral fixed)
04 Child with air void above head (Dark Normal Evolved fixed)
05 Normal/Neutral
06 Normal/Hero
07 Normal/Dark
08 Swim/Neutral
09 Swim/Hero
0A Swim/Dark
0B Fly/Neutral
0C Fly/Hero
0D Fly/Dark
0E Run/Neutral
0F Run/Hero
10 Run/Dark
11 Power/Neutral
12 Power/Hero
13 Power/Dark
14 Chaos/Neutral
15 Chaos/Hero
16 Chaos/Dark
17 Tails
18 Knuckles
19 Amy

Un-Clone Chao

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

Second Evolution

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

3F 80 Power
BF 80 Run

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

3F 80 Fly
BF 80 Swim

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

3F 80 Hero
BF 80 Dark

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

3F 99 Normal (must be on for any second evolutions)
Super- set D9 to FF
Hyper- set C1/C5 to FF
Mega- set both D9 and C1/C5 to FF
Combo- have something in C0 and C2 as well as D8
Super- set D9 to FF
Hyper- set C1, C5, or both to FF
Mega- set D9 & C1, D9 & C5, or all three to FF


SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030E9030030D903003CA903004BC9Chao Eyes

00 Normal
01 > <
02 - -
03 / \
04 ^ ^
05 Smaller Pupils
06 Black and White Omochao
07 v v
08 Normal
09 Half closed
0A \ /
0B Chaos Neutral
0C Chaos Hero
0D Chaos Dark
0E Normal
0F Normal
10 - -
11 > <


SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030EA030030DA03003CAA03004BCAChao Mouth

00 None
01 Toothy Smile
02 o
03 v
04 ^
05 Small crescent smile
06 Small crescent frown
07 v
08 ^^^^
09 Toothy Frown
0A ^
0B Wide open
0C ^
0D Mustache
0E ^—^ (crooked smile with 08 on either side, kinda squiggly)
0F toothy frown^^toothy frown (01 mixed with 08)
10 None
11 None

Chao Ball

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00 Normal
01 Flame
02-FF None

Chao Hat

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030ED030030DD03003CAD03004BCDChao Hat

00 None
01 Pumpkin
02 Skull
03 Apple
04 Bucket
05 Empty Can
06 Cardboard Box
07 Flower Pot
08 Paper Bag
09 Pan
0A Stump
0B Watermelon
0C Red Wool Hat
0D Blue Wool Hat
0E Black Wool Hat
0F Pacifier
10 Normal Egg Shell
11 Yellow Egg Shell
12 White Egg Shell
13 Brown Egg Shell
14 Sky Blue Egg Shell
15 Pink Egg Shell
16 Blue Egg Shell
17 Grey Egg Shell
18 Green Egg Shell
19 Red Egg Shell
1A Light Green Egg Shell
1B Purple Egg Shell
1C Orange Egg Shell
1D Black Egg Shell
1E Two-Tone Yellow Egg Shell
1F Two-Tone White Egg Shell
20 Two-Tone Brown Egg Shell
21 Two-Tone Sky Blue Egg Shell
22 Two-Tone Pink Egg Shell
23 Two-Tone Blue Egg Shell
24 Two-Tone Grey Egg Shell
25 Two-Tone Green Egg Shell
26 Two-Tone Red Egg Shell
27 Two-Tone Light Green Egg Shell
28 Two-Tone Purple Egg Shell
29 Two-Tone Orange Egg Shell
2A Two-Tone Black Egg Shell
2B Shiny Normal Egg Shell
2C Shiny Yellow Egg Shell
2D Shiny White Egg Shell
2E Shiny Brown Egg Shell
2F Shiny Sky Blue Egg Shell
30 Shiny Pink Egg Shell
31 Shiny Blue Egg Shell
32 Shiny Grey Egg Shell
33 Shiny Green Egg Shell
34 Shiny Red Egg Shell
35 Shiny Light Green Egg Shell
36 Shiny Purple Egg Shell
37 Shiny Orange Egg Shell
38 Shiny Black Egg Shell
39 Shiny Two-Tone Yellow Egg Shell
3A Shiny Two-Tone White Egg Shell
3B Shiny Two-Tone Brown Egg Shell
3C Shiny Two-Tone Sky Blue Egg Shell
3D Shiny Two-Tone Pink Egg Shell
3E Shiny Two-Tone Blue Egg Shell
3F Shiny Two-Tone Grey Egg Shell
40 Shiny Two-Tone Green Egg Shell
41 Shiny Two-Tone Red Egg Shell
42 Shiny Two-Tone Light Green Egg Shell
43 Shiny Two-Tone Purple Egg Shell
44 Shiny Two-Tone Orange Egg Shell
45 Shiny Two-Tone Black Egg Shell
46 Metal Yellow Egg Shell
47 Metal White Egg Shell
48 Metal Pink Egg Shell
49 Metal Green Egg Shell
4A Metal Blue Egg Shell
4B Metal Purple Egg Shell
4C Metal Sky Blue Egg Shell
4D Metal Red Egg Shell
4E Metal Black Egg Shell
4F Metal Light Green Egg Shell
50 Metal Orange Egg Shell
51 Pearl Egg Shell
52 Dull Light Blue Egg Shell
53 Sky Egg Shell
54 Dark Mirror Egg Shell
55-FF Normal Egg Shell (can’t be sold)

Chao Feet

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030EE030030DE03003CAE03004BCEChao Feet

00 Enabled
01-FF Disabled

Chao Medal

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030EF030030DF03003CAF03004BCFChao Medal

00 None
01 Aquamarine
02 Topaz
03 Peridot
04 Garnet
05 Onyx
06 Diamond
07 Beginner Race
08 Challenge Race
09 Hero Race
0A Dark Race
0B Pearl
0C Amethyst
0D Emerald
0E Ruby
0F Sapphire
10 “Growth” on left cheek
11 “Growth” on right cheek

Gamecube Color

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030F0030030E003003CB003004BD0Chao Main Color

00 Normal
01 Yellow
02 White
03 Brown
04 Sky Blue
05 Pink
06 Blue
07 Grey
08 Green
09 Red
0A Light Green
0B Purple
0C Orange
0D Black
0E Invisible

Two Tones

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030F1030030E103003CB103004BD1Two Tone Activation

00 On 01-FF Off

Two Tones

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

(Note: The question mark means we don’t know the name of the object that the texture came from. Once we find that, we’ll have a better name.)

00 None
01 Metal Yellow
02 Metal White
03 Metal Pink
04 Metal Blue
05 Metal Green
06 Metal Purple
07 Metal Sky Blue
08 Metal Red
09 Metal Black
0A Metal Light Green
0B Metal Orange
0C Pearl
0D Dull Light Blue
0E Sky
0F Dark Mirror
10 Moon
11 Black Glow (?)
12 Light Pink (?)
13 Red White (?)
14 Neutral Eyes
15 Toothy Smile
16 Toothy Smile wrap around
17 Pink & White (?)
18 Dark Eyes
19 Black Red Purple (?)
1A Devil Hands
1B Devil Body
1C Black & Purple (?)
1D Yellow (?)
1E Black, Pink, & White (?)
1F Half Black, Half White (?)
20 Tri-Color Black Blue White (?)
21 Dark/Run/Normal body
22 Purple & Silver (?)
23 Brown (?)
24 Copper (?)
25 Tri-Color Black Red White (?)
26 Dark Blue (?)
27 Yellow Blue (?)
28 Purple & White (?)
29 Black & Blue (?)
2A Black with Blue (?)
2B Black & White (?)
2C Spotted Egg (?)
2D Black & Clear (?)
2E Black & White Liquid (?)
2F White & Clear (WOW) (?)
30 White & Beige (?)
31 White with Pink Speckle (?)
32 Red (?)
33 Apple (?)
34 Red-Orange (?)
35 Partial Green (?)
36 Brown Tri-Stripe (?)
37 Part Black (?)
38 Grey (?)
39 Silver Charcoal Stripe (?)
3A Empty Can (?)
3B Transparent with Grey & White (?)
3C Brown with Shiny Trim (?)
3D Cardboard Box (?)
3E Rust Orange (?)
3F Red & Orange (?)
40 Beige (?)
41 Mustard (?)
42 Medium Brown (?)
43 Watermelon (?)
44 Watermelon Smile (?)
45 Red Wooly Hat (?)
46 Black & Yellow (?)
47 Red (?)
48 Blue Wooly Hat (?)
49 Blue & Black (?)
4A Wave Blue Pattern (?)
4B Black Wooly Hat (?)
4C Grey, Black, & Transparent (?)
4D Charcoal Pattern (?)
4E Yellow & Pink Liquid (?)
4F Light Chaos Back (?)
50 Angel Ears (?)
51 Angel Ears 2 (?)
52 White & Light Blue (?)
53 Light Blue (?)
54 Light Green (?)
55 White & Yellow (?)
56 White & Yellow (?)
57 White & Yellow (?)
58 Blue & White (?)
59 Blue & White Stripe (?)
5A Rainbow (?)
5B Pink & White (?)
5C Hot Pink & Orange (?)
5D Half Orange, Half Sky Blue (?)
5E Gold & White Stripes (?)
5F Orange & Yellow Blend (?)
60 White & Blue (?)
61 White & Yellow (?)
62 White & Yellow (?)
63 White & Yellow (?)
64 White & Yellow (?)
65 Green & White (?)
66 Green & White (?)
67 Blue & Green (?)
68 White & Yellow Stripe (?)
69 Gold & Tan (?)
6A Blue & Light Blue Stripe (?)
6B Blue & Silver Bolts pattern (?)
6C Rust & Orange (?)
6D Blue & Clear with Gold Pattern (?)
6E Log Rings Pattern (?)
6F Canyon Wall Pattern (?)
70 Transparent & Black (?)
71 Black & Transparent (?)
72 Transparent & Black (?)
73 White (Plain) (?)
74 Grey with Black Stripes (?)
75 Mustard with White (?)
76 Yellow & White (?)
77 Yellow & White (?)
78 Purple & Black (WOW!) (?)
79 Pretty Grey (?)
7A Omochao’s “X” Sign
7B Blue, Red, & Yellow (WOW) (?)
7C Black, Grey, & Orange (?)
7D Omochao’s Arrow Sign

Shiny Activation

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030F3030030E303003CB303004BD3Shiny Activation

00 Off 01-FF On

Egg Color

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030F4030030E403003CB403004BD4Egg Color

00 Normal
01 Yellow
02 White
03 Brown
04 Sky Blue
05 Pink
06 Blue
07 Grey
08 Green
09 Red
0A Light Green
0B Purple
0C Orange
0D Black
0E Two-Tone Yellow
0F Two-Tone White
10 Two-Tone Brown
11 Two-Tone Sky Blue
12 Two-Tone Pink
13 Two-Tone Blue
14 Two-Tone Grey
15 Two-Tone Green
16 Two-Tone Red
17 Two-Tone Light Green
18 Two-Tone Purple
19 Two-Tone Orange
1A Two-Tone Black
1B Shiny Normal
1C Shiny Yellow
1D Shiny White
1E Shiny Brown
1F Shiny Sky Blue
20 Shiny Pink
21 Shiny Blue
22 Shiny Grey
23 Shiny Green
24 Shiny Red
25 Shiny Light Green
26 Shiny Purple
27 Shiny Orange
28 Shiny Black
29 Shiny Two-Tone Yellow
2A Shiny Two-Tone White
2B Shiny Two-Tone Brown
2C Shiny Two-Tone Sky Blue
2D Shiny Two-Tone Pink
2E Shiny Two-Tone Blue
2F Shiny Two-Tone Grey
30 Shiny Two-Tone Green
31 Shiny Two-Tone Red
32 Shiny Two-Tone Light Green
33 Shiny Two-Tone Purple
34 Shiny Two-Tone Orange
35 Shiny Two-Tone Black
36 Metal Yellow
37 Metal White
38 Metal Pink
39 Metal Blue
3A Metal Green
3B Metal Purple
3C Metal Sky Blue
3D Metal Red
3E Metal Black
3F Metal Light Green
40 Metal Orange
41 Pearl
42 Dull Light Blue
43 Sky
44 Dark Mirror
45-FF Normal (can’t be sold)

Body Type

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030030F5030030E503003CB503004BD5Body Type

00 00 Normal
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle only!
01 00 Egg Chao
02 00 Omochao
03 00 Penguin
01 Seal
02 Otter
03 Rabbit
04 Cheetah
05 Boar
06 Bear
07 Tiger
08 Gorilla
09 Peacock
0A Parrot
0B Condor
0C Skunk
0D Sheep
0E Raccoon
0F Half-Fish
10 Skeleton Dog
11 Bat
12 Dragon
13 Unicorn
14 Phoenix

Animal Parts SA2:B

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00 Penguin
01 Seal
02 Otter
03 Rabbit
04 Cheetah
05 Boar
06 Bear
07 Tiger
08 Gorilla
09 Peacock
0A Parrot
0B Condor
0C Skunk
0D Sheep
0E Raccoon
0F Half-Fish
10 Skeleton Dog
11 Bat
12 Dragon
13 Unicorn
14 Phoenix
FF Nothing

Animal Parts SA:DX

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP

00 Beaver
01 Penguin
02 Seal
03 Robin
04 Parrot
05 Partridge
06 Deer
07 Rabbit
08 Kangaroo
09 Gorilla
0A Lion
0B Elephant
0C Koala
0D Mole
0E Skunk
FF Nothing

SA1(Single)SA1 (2-in-1)SA2SPP
030046B4030046A40300527403006194Ring Value

00 00 00-9F 86 01
00 00 00=00000; 9F 86 01=99999
[Note: To get anything in-between those two, the values in 8-bit make things a little interesting. First, use the Windows calculator (or anything that converts to hex) and type in the ring value that you want. Convert it to hex and make it have 6 digits (in other words, add zeros before it if you have to). Now, the last 2 digits are first, the middle stays the same, and the first 2 are last (ex. 99999=1869F; add a 0 to make it 01869F; now, the 9F goes in front and the 01 goes in back to make 9F8601; finish it up splitting it into 2’s, 9F 86 01)]

Chao Genome Project (GC)

Coco the Mascot Chao