Chao Adventure 2

Following the success of Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure 2 developed and realease with a very upgraded Chao system as you all know. With this sequel game, came a new mini-game sequel aptly named Chao Adventure 2. Again, it allows your Chao to go on its very own adventure, refered to sometimes as talking the Chao for a walk.

If you had no experience with the first Chao Adventure, no problem! Just like the first game, Chao Adventure 2 is an independent mini game that you can play on your Visual Memory Unit (VMU). One of the most unique features of the Dreamcast console itself was the ability to interact with this portable memory card - the VMU. This little device had a screen, d-pad and two buttons, allowing the user to download and play mini games portably away from the console!

The Adventure

Chao Adventure 2 is different to the minigame in Sonic Adventure 1 as it is more of an ‘adventure’ and has actual stories that you can change the result of with your decisions. This is also the only place on the Dreamcast version that you will be able to obtain special seeds/fruits. This is done by finishing an adventure, choosing a correct treasure chest when you find them, or when you meet a character from the main game. You can store 8 items that you can then take back to the Chao Garden to be given to your Chao.

Like the first game, your Chao may get distracted or fall asleep during his walk. You can pet, scold, or feed it a snack and it will continue his journey. I usually pet it! There are also random encouters with Bully Chao and the occasional treasure chest!

Luck and Intelligence

Sonic Adventure 2 was the first time the Chao were given the three extra skills: Luck, Intelligence and Stamina. On the Dreamcast, Luck and Intelligence can only be raised with Chao Adventure 2! Increase Intelligence by collecting Smart Fruit in the adventure, and then taking it to the garden to feed your Chao. Increase Luck by guessing the correct Treasure Chests when your Chao stumbles across them. Luck goes up by 100 when you choose the correct one, and decreases by 100 if you choose the wrong one!

Activating The Game

To let your Chao go on an adventure (known as taking it for a walk), you must take it to the big VMU model (The Chao Transporter) where it will be gently thrown inside of it. Select a VMU with at least 128 blocks of free space - and as long as you have no other mini-game already on the VMU - it will save the Chao Adventure 2 mini-game onto it. Once this is done, and your Chao has been transported into your VMU, you’re ready to play!

When you take out your VMU and start up Chao Adventure 2, you will be greated with the start screen. Press the A + B buttons simultaneously, and you’re ready to have fun adventuring and building up your Chao!


A Sonic Adventure 2 save, the Chao Garden Data, and the Chao Adventure 2 minigame file will take up almost all the space (198 out of 200 blocks) in the VMU! Also, make sure your VMU has batteries!

Chao Adventure 2 Guide

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