During your Chao’s adventure, a few things may happen:

  • Your Chao’s journey will be interrupted. To get your Chao to continue, you can use the menu to Pet or Scold it, or give it a Snack to eat.
  • Your Chao will come across a chest.
  • You may get a message on screen with a message from your Chao, or some information about it. Press A to read through and continue with the adventure.
  • A “!!” sign will signal a fight! detailed fully in the Bully Chao section on this page.

Unlike the first game, you Chao does not follow a map in this game! Instead you need to read the messages your Chao sends you and help it solve whatever problem it has!

Treasure Chest

Ocassionally, your Chao will find a treasure Chest! Guess correctly and you will gain the item and 100 Luck! Guess wrong and you lose 100 Luck.

!! Bully Chao

On your adventure, you may encounter a fight with a Bully Chao. You will know when a fight is about to begin when your VMU beeps and your Chao appears with a ‘!!’ in a speech bubble. The Bully Chao will appear opposite you and both Chao will be ready to fight! The first Chao to hit the other Chao three times wins the fight! If you win, you can continue with your adventure. If you lose, the Bully Chao will take one of your items from you! If it is a fruit, it will eat it! (TODO) (what about seeds?)

Your Chao will have the advantage and will be able to attack first. A marker will quickly move along a number of dark and clear circular icons; fight off the Chao by pressing the ‘A’ button when the selector lands on a clear icon. If you manage to select a clear circle, your Chao will land an attack! If it stops on a filled circle, your Chao will miss and forfeit its turn. Personally I have found that if you aim to press ‘A’ just before the selector moves to the clear circle, you will have the best chance of landing a hit!

If you take too long, it will stop automatically on any circle, leaving it to chance if you will hit or miss! (TODO)


In the menu is a mini-game called the Slots. I’m not really sure what the point of this game is. There is not too much skill involved with it, and you can only win snacks for your Chao which do not boost it’s stats at all. You can set the amount to bet, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. You can set it to 1 point and have 100 attempts at getting some snacks. Maybe if you get a certain amount of points something will happen? Who knows…

Chao Adventure 2 Guide

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