Fruits & Seeds


There are two random events where you can obtain fruits. Sometimes, you will come accross one of the characters from the main Sonic Adventure 2 game! These characters will give your Chao a random fruit. The other way is when you Chao stumbles accross a Treasure Chest. You have three options. If you guess right, you will get a fruit and +100 Luck! But If you guess wrong, you will get nothing from the chest and lose 100 Luck!

You cannot feed your Chao these fruit within Chao Adventure 2. They appear under the “Items” category in the game menu. To use them you need to take your Chao back out of the VMU into the garden, and all items will pop out with it.

Fruit NameFruitEffect
Smart FruitSA1 CoconutHP +0.4
Peace FruitDX Garden FruitStamina +4.8 (child) / +1.6 (adult)
Square FruitChao Garden Fruit Hero Garden Fruit Dark Garden FruitStamina +40%
Sonic Adventure 2 (Modern)All GardensChao Garden Fruit Hero Garden Fruit Dark Garden Fruit


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