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Name: Camerachao!

HasText 1, BooHoo -1, Unknown -1, Adventure -1, Unknown2 -1, Background Forest2

Face 0 Look, look! I borrowed a camera from Omochao! Face 28 I’ll take lots of really nice pictures! Face 20 What should I take a picture of first?

Next StorySeg1 1 Beautiful scenery.

Next StorySeg2 2 Something secret.

Face 0 We’re in a flower field now. Face 28 I’ll take lots of beautiful pictures! Face 10 ?! Face 29 Hey! Isn’t that $insert StringTable0$ ? And he’s $insert StringTable2$ !!! Face 25 What an opportunity for pictures!! Face 10 snap! Face 29 .I can’t believe how lucky I am. Face 2a But if he ever finds out, $insert StringTable0$ is going to be really mad at me. Face 25 I should get out of here!

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