This page will describe basic use of the Visual Memory Unit (VMU), and the interface of the game itself.

Accessing The Game

Your VMU is your memory card for the Sega Dreamcast, but it is portable and has an LCD screen letting you play mini-games downloaded from various main Dreamcast titles! The device runs on battery power, requiring two CR-2032 lithium batteries to play mini-games (but without them will operate as a regular memory card).

As mentioned on the intro page, just like in the first Sonic Adventure, you need to put a Chao into your VMU using the Chao Transporter in one of the Chao Gardens. Full steps are below:

  • Pick up your Chao and take it to the big VMU model (The Chao Transporter) where it will be gently thrown inside.
  • Select a VMU with at least 128 blocks of free space - and as long as you have no other mini-game already on the VMU - it will save the Chao Adventure 2 mini game onto it.

After the VMU is detached from the controller: (Note, do not detach the VMU or turn off the console while data is being saved to it/showing the spinning data icon on the screen)

  • Press the ‘sleep’ button to wake up the VMU.
  • Press the ‘menu’ button until you get to the ace of spades logo. Now press ‘A’. Chao Adventure 2 will start!
  • You will see the Chao Advenuture 2 main screen. Press the A + B buttons simultaneously, and you’re ready to have fun on this new adventure with your Chao!

In game, you use the ‘A’ button to go forward and the ‘B’ button to go back.

Adventure Screen

In this new updated Adventure, instead of watching your Chao travel to the left, it is now walking towards the screen! As before, it will casually scroll along but this time you will probably find it talking to you a lot more. Especially when you first play, it will start asking you your name, birthday, favourite color and even what your secret is! The answers will create a ‘profile’ for you that you can edit from the main menu.

Chao Adventure 2 walk animation Chao Adventure 2 climb animation

At anytime your Chao is strolling along, and without anything else happening at the moment, you can bring up the main menu by pressing the ‘A’ button. Here, you can view the status of your Chao, see your inventory, play the fruit matching game and more - please see the full list below:

The Main Menu

Main Menu
StatusSee your Chao's name and skills.
SnackGive your Chao a snack that you got from the Slots. It will list all your snacks, or will say 'No snack' if you have none.
PetPet your Chao.
ScoldHit your Chao.
ItemsThis will list what fruits/seeds you have collected. If you take your Chao out of the VMU and back into the garden, the items left here will also transfer to the garden. Maximum is 8 items. You can't feed your Chao these items while in the VMU!
SlotsPlay on the Slot Machine game.
HelloIf you connect to another VMU you can mate your Chao.
OwnerView and edit your profile information. Options are Name, Age, Sex, B-day, Blood, Favored, Secret.
FriendYou can see the profile of a VMU you have connected with in the past (name, birthday etc).
OptionsWill take you to another menu where you can name your Chao, turn the sound on/off, and set your privacy settings. Please see table below for the options menu.
Options Menu
ChaoName your Chao! Seven characters maximum. You can also use lowercase!
OwnerOptions are 'Tell' and 'No Tell'. This sets whether your profile will be shared with VMU's you connect with.
SoundOptions for VMU beep are 'On' and 'Off'.

Chao Adventure 2 Guide

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