During the adventure, you may have to move on to a different scene. Here is a list of all the scenes.

Scene NameDescription
Aaachao!!Your Chao sneezes.
Camera ChaoYour Chao borrows a camera from Omochao!
Chao DayYour Chao tells you about Chao Day.
Chao DreamsYour Chao tells you what it wants to be in the future.
Chao EscapeYour Chao finds a building and gets locked in.
Chao Owner 1Your Chao asks “What came first, the Chao, or the Egg?”.
Chao Owner 2Your Chao asks “A Chao is born from an Egg, where are humans born from?”.
Chao Owner 3Chao asks “What is the meaning of life?”.
Chao SecretYour Chao tells you a secret about one of the other characters.
Chao SongYour Chao sings a song with you.
Chao ThingYour Chao loses the thing floating above its head!
Dropped It!Your Chao finds one of the characters lost items.
Friend’s MailYour Chao receives an email.
Graffiti ChaoYour Chao draws all over an object.
Last ChapterYour Chao goes fishing.
Samarai ChaoYour Chao dresses up like a Ninja.
Tasty DreamSomething eats your Chao’s colourful dream
The EscapeYour Chao gets trapped!
The Know-it-allYour Chao shows you how smart he is.
The Magic LampYour Chao finds a Magical Kettle.
The RadioYour Chao wants to listen to the radio.
TrialYour Chao finds out something is growing on it’s head!
Under My FeetYour Chao is worried about a shadow that is lurking beneath it’s feet.
Unlucky ChaoA character and many other people will see your Chao, and run away!

Chao Adventure 2 Guide

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