Chao Types

When you insert your Chao into the VMU, your Chao will take appearance of its first evolution from the Chao Garden. Every evolution takes on a unique appearance – except the Normal Type – and has unique animations.

Full Sprite Sheet

All sprites from the game have been fully ripped, organised and shared by UltimaNumber! It’s a fantastic effort and we are proud to share the full sheet here on Chao Island.

Ultima says: After a long time has passed, I finally present to everyone, a (almost) complete spritesheet of the VMU minigame from Sonic Adventure 2, Chao Adventure 2!

I did the same thing I did with Chao Adventure 1; using a Binary viewer and converting everything to text, which I could then view in such a way that I can see the sprites!

Every sprite has been analyzed pixel by pixel, including errors! A lot of handwork was put into this project, and it was really tiring! I also took the time to adjust some sprites to make them look as they appear in the actual game!

<View on Ultima’s DeviantArt page>

Chao Adventure 2 Guide

Coco the Mascot Chao