Chao Containers

Aquatic Mine

Chao Container #1

From the start, take the pulley up to the room at the very top of the stage. The Chao Container is in a corner hidden behind some wood. There is a ghost guarding the box that might give you a scare!

Chao Container #2

While you are in the area with the first Chao Container, hit the switch in the same room. It will bring the water level all the way down which is what you need for the next two boxes. Jump back down to where you started the stage, and you will see a chute with ‘CAUTION’ signs around it. Jump into there and it will take you to a spooky room with ghosts and skulls breathing fire. Walk or climb up the girders to the top of the room and you will see the Chao Container in the corner. You will need to jump and drill drive down into it to break it.

Chao Container #3

Again with the water level at its lowest, go all the way to the bottom of the stage and there is a opening in one of the corners with a spiked G.U.N. robot roaming around in. The Chao Container is here, around the corner.

Chao Container Guide

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