Chao Containers

Death Chamber

This stage is split into 4 sections - the red zone, green zone, blue zone, and central area which connects to all zones. You can see where you are on maps displayed around the area.

Chao Container #1

In the central circular room, near the green zone side, the Chao Container will be on the ground level under a map.

Chao Container #2

In the main connection room of the green zone, there is a door on the left with a small gap inside to climb through. Go through and drop down - punch through the wooden boxes to be taken to the room with two gorillas and the Chao Container! Be careful, there is a ghost guarding the box that will pop out as you approach!

Chao Container #3

In the blue zone, at the main room connector room, there is a door which opens and closes super quickly when you hit the egg-time. Go through that, then dig through the wall painting in that room. This will take you into a small room with a ghost enemy. Climb up and you will see the Chao Container.

Chao Container Guide

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