Chao Containers

Meteor Herd

Chao Container #1

The first Chao Container is right near where you start the level. Jump down off the platform you start at onto the ground level, and the Chao Container is with the big yellow digger.

Chao Container #2

Did you know you can break open the locked doors with the big boulders around the stage? Well you need to do this for the next Chao Container! When you start the stage, directly in front of you on the central structure, there is a single door near a spring and a moveable boulder. Punch the boulder into the door and it will break open revealing the Chao Container inside! You may need to lightly punch the boulder into position in front of the door if you can’t get the angle right. Be careful of the falling meteorites from the sky!

Chao Container #3

High up near the top of the level by the top platforms you will see 6 large containers. The final box is in the front-left container.

Chao Container Guide

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