Chao Containers

Pumpkin Hill

Chao Container #1

Head to Pumpkin Mountain at the top. The fastest way to do this is to take the rocket from Church Mountain. There is a platform peering over the edge with a hint monitor on it. If you fall down the side as shown in the picture below, you will land on the ledge which has the Chao Container.

Chao Container #2

The next Chao Container is on a platform in the middle of two others near the middle of the stage. From Chao Container #1 you can see it! Glide over and get it. Be careful on the Dreamcast version if this is the second or third Chao Container that you get, as the small animals will glitch through the platform and fall after a few seconds!

Chao Container #3

Go to the top of Ghost Train Mountain, and to the left you will see a row of balloons leading to a pumpkin pillar on the edge of the stage. Glide accross to it using the balloons as a guide, and the Chao Container is on a ledge round the back on the “neck” of the pumpkin head pillar.

Chao Container Guide

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