Chao Containers

Mad Space

Chao Container #1

From the start of the stage, jump down to the platform on the level below. You will see two steel boxes, one is next to a fence on the edge. Jump over this fence and you will land on the platform below next to the Chao Container.

Chao Container #2

On the side of the Green Planet, there are a series of individual platforms. The Chao Container is on the highest one.

Chao Container #3

This Chao Container is at the top of the stage. You can get there using the rocket from the Holy Planet (the planet with the big crater on the top), and then a couple more rockets to take you as high as you can get. Glide round these top platforms until you find one with the Chao Container, hint monitor and a G.U.N. robot.

Chao Container Guide

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